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A Helpful Guide to Choosing Backup Software

Choosing the best backup software for your PC can be a difficult task and one which should warrant plenty of time and careful consideration to ensure you are making an informed decision. Be very clear that this is the software which will keep you important data safe including any work files, documents, family photos plus any other important information kept on you PC.

Remember that any data on your PC is always vunerable to dangers such as fire, theft, hardware failure and of course the modern dangers of ransomware and cyber crime! A well implemented backup solution will help protect your data against all of these dangers!

Which Backup Software Should I Choose?

Whilst there is often no right or wrong choice when it comes to backup software some solutions will be much better suited to your needs than others. This means taking some time to understand what you own backup requirements are as well as what a particular piece of backup software is offering.

Some useful questions you might ask yourself include:

  • How much data do I need to backup
  • How many PCs / devices do I need to backup
  • Do I need cloud backup (a copy of the backup kept off site for extra safety)
  • Do I need a local copy of the backup (useful for restoring large files quickly)
  • Do I require personal key encryption, 2FA or other security requirements
  • Do I need a solution which will also synchronise files between my devices
  • What is my budget (and do I need any additional hardware such as an external hard drive)

This list is not exhaustive but should help give you an idea of what key features are important to you and help identify which software excels in such areas.

Which Backup Software Can I Trust?

This is a good question to ask as the role of backup software is very important and you must be able to trust the provider you decide to go with!

All of the software reviewed on is personally installed and tested by the site owner and must meet a certain standard to included on the site. This approach means you can be assured all software listed here is professionally built, reliable and capable of doing the job it is intended to do.

You can see a full list of our reviews by clicking here!

Our Favourite Backup Software

Below is a list of our current favourite backup solutions as tested and reviewed on Remember that the rating given by us is only a guide and that the software with the highest rating might not necessarily be the best for your own personal needs. With this in mind please refer to our detailed reviews of each entry for more information on the software and how it might help with your individual backup needs.

1. Backblaze Backup

Backblaze backup is a great tool for those wanting to ensure all of their important data is backed up to a safe and secure off site facility. Simply sign-up, install the native software on you machine and Backblaze will automatically take care of the rest – Excellent!

The service offers unlimited storage by default as well as advanced security options for those wishing to use a personal encryption key and 2FA with their cloud backups. At $6 / month Backblaze is an excellent choice and probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to get you backups sorted out, as such comes Backblaze comes highly recommended by ourselves.

You can start a 15 day free trial of Backblaze Backup by clicking here!

2. MSP360 Backup (Pro for Windows)

MSP360 Backup provides an impressive set of features for those seeking a reliable, versatile and very powerful backup solution. One of the biggest draws for many will be the ability to choose where backups are stored with support for all of the major cloud storage providers included in the software.

In addition to the excellent cloud backup capabilities MSP360 also provides an impressive set of related tools including full system image backups, advanced encryption options and a system recovery media tool.

MSP360 Backup is a one-off purchase of $49.99 although bear in mind you may need to pay for additional cloud storage depending on your needs!

3. Ashampoo Backup Pro 14

Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 is a fully featured backup suite with a great set of features for performing secure cloud backups in addition to local file and system image backups. Support is included for advanced encryption and compression as well as a powerful scheduling engine allowing for a secure and reliable backup scheme to be implemented with ease.

Multiple mainstream cloud storage options are available (including Google Drive and Dropbox) meaning as a one-off purchase Backup Pro 14 provides great value for those looking for a powerful backup solution!

Backup Pro 14 is priced at $49.99 although you can save over 49% by using this link!

4. EasUS ToDo Backup (Free)

EaseUS ToDo Backup is easily one of the best free backup solutions we have ever come across! Not only will EaseUS perform file and image based backups of your PC but also allow the backing up of shared drives, encryption with personal encryption keys, email alerts and use of cloud storage locations including Google Drive! EaseUS provides an excellent set of features, many of which are usually only found on paid for software!

Whilst they do offer a premium home version for $29.99 which has additional features including Outlook email backups and system disk cloning the free version is definitely worth a look first given its ease of use and excellent feature set. Click here to get EaseUS ToDo Backup for free!

5. Acronis True Image 2020

Acronis has become a market leader in the backup world in recent years and rightly so, with True Image 2020 they have continued to refine their flagship offering and it continues to impress!

The core of such an application is, of course, getting the necessary PC backed up quickly and securely and this is an area Acronis excels in. The addition of cloud storage in recent years has helped to make this already solid application even better and has, in turn, facilitated new features such as archiving and synchronisation.

Acronis offer a 30 day free trial of True Image 2020 including a trial of thier excellent cloud storage, click here to find out more!

6. Crashplan for Small Business

If you are seeking a cloud backup solution with unlimmited cloud storage and file versioning then Crashplan is the way to go!

In addition to the very generous storage and versioning quotas on offer Crashplan also allows you to include all of your external drives for no additional cost, this makes Crashplan an ideal solution for creative professionals and freelancers with lots of data to keep backed up!

Pricing for Crashplan is a simple $10 per PC per month with no annoying upselling, you can start a 30 day free trial by clicking here!

7. iDrive Backup

Idrive is a well established player in the online backup world and as expected they offer a solid and reliable backup solution. Whilst not unlimited their personal backup plans provide a very generous 5TB of storage which can be used to back up as many of your personal devices as you like.

iDrive also offer many other features including the syncing of files across devices, system image backups, restores via post and the option to use personal encryption keys. They also feature “true archiving” meaning no file versions are ever deleted unless you yourself specify them to be.

Starting at only $69.50 / year iDrive provides excellent value, they also offer a free 5GB account should you wish to test out their service which you can access by clicking here!

8. Paragon Backup & Recovery (Free)

Backup & Recovery (Community Edition) is the latest free backup application from Paragon, a company with a solid reputation for producing PC utility software including the excellent Hard Disk Manager suite!

Focused on providing a basic yet functional backup solution, Backup & Recovery allows both file and system image backups to be taken whilst providing more advanced features including scheduling, encryption and compression to boot.

You can download Paragon Backup & Recovery for free by clicking here!

9. Duplicati Backup (Free & Open Source)

Duplicati is a free and open source backup application notable for providing great cloud storage support and many of the features normally found in commercial backup solutions.

Duplicati also has support for running on Windows, MacOS and Linux and thanks to the web based user interface. This is an interesting approach so it will be interesting to see how it performs.

You can download Duplicati Backup for free by clicking here!

10. AOEMI Backupper Standard (Free)

AOMEI Backupper Standard provides a simple and free way to keep your system backed up. Files, folders and full system image backups are quick and easy to perform using the well designed and easy to use interface.

Other useful features included such as email notifications and the choice of full or incremental backup modes make this an excellent choice for your everyday backup needs!

You can get AOMEI Backuppe Standard for free by clicking here!

11. MiniTool ShadowMaker (Free)

With the free version of ShadowMaker MiniTool have done a great job of delivering a very credible and very useful free backup solution! Supporting both Image and file level backups, folder sync, encryption, compression and a recovery media builder ShadowMaker really does have a good set of features available for free backup software!

There is also a Pro version of ShadowMaker available for $29 which offers additional features including advanced encryption support, universal restore, command line tools and the ability to manage backups through the WinPE based recovery console.

You can get ShadowMaker Free edition for free by clicking here!

12. Carbonite Safe

Carbonite Safe Backup provides a quick, simple and cost effective way to get your PC backed up with very little fuss! In general Carbonite performs well as an online backup tool, installing and configuring your first backup can be achieved in only a few minutes and everything seemed to work well during my testing. It is also great to see Carbonite are clearly taking support seriously offering a well maintained knowledge base plus phone, email and live chat support to their customers 24 hours per day.

All plans offer unlimited storage (with a few restrictions) and at as little as $6/month for a single PC Carbonite is priced very competitively with other, similar cloud offerings providing good value for money in this respect.

You can start using Carbonite with a 15 day free trial by clicking here!

13. Arq backup 5

Arq Backup 5 is a cloud backup solution which places an emphasis on simplicity, security and value for money. All of the major cloud storage providers are supported including Amazon S3, Backlaze B2 and Dropbox meaning you can backup your important data to one or more providers of your choice.

Arq is priced at one-off $49.99 and is licenced per user meaning this is potentially a very good deal for those working across across multiple PCs versus the more traditional “per device” pricing often found with backup solutions. There is also an option to upgrade to a lifetime upgrade licence, this means for an additional $29.99 users will have access to all new versions of the Arq software whenever they are released for life. Altogether this is very competitive pricing making Arq seem ideal for those seeking good value for money!

Arq offer a free 30 day trial availale by clicking here

14. Genie Timeline 10

Genie Timeline 10 provides a solid backup solution for getting a PC backed up quickly, safely and with the minimal of effort. Cloud, network and external drives are all usable as storage locations and should you need to perform a recovery the application makes finding files very easy via the backup search box or the timeline tool integrated into Windows Explorer itself, excellent!

Resonably priced and easy to use, Genie Timeline 10 proves a good choice for those seeking a straightforward PC backup solution!

A free trial of Genie Timeline 10 can be downloaded by clicking here

15. O&O DiskImage 15

O&O DiskImage 15 is a solid backup product and works very well within certain limitations, if you are mainly looking for a local backup with plenty of disk imaging and cloning options then DiskImage 15 has you covered.

A free trial of O&O DiskImage 15 can be downloaded by clicking here

16. Veeam Agent Backup for Windows (Free)

Veeam are notable as a major player in the corporate IT backup world, Veeam Agent Backup is a free backup tool built on this experience providing both home and professional users a free tool for backing up their PCs.

The software is well designed, reliable and aims to provide a simplified set of backup features to the individual PC user. Whilst this software integrates with Veeams other products we see it as been most useful to the home user as part of a local backup strategy, especially given the fantastic performance of the software and in-built security features such as Cryptolocker protection!

You can get Veeam Agent Backup for free by clicking here!

17. Auslogics BitReplica

Auslogics BitReplica is a simple and easy to use backup application which focuses on helping users get their PC backed up as quickly and easily as possible.

The interface is clear and well designed which in-turn helps getting both local and cloud backups setup both quick and easy. This ease of use coupled with cloud support, multiple backup methods (full, differential etc.) and a powerful scheduling engine mean BitReplica is a great choice for anyone who needs to get a backup running with the minimal of effort.

You can get a free trial of Auslogics BitReplica by clicking here

18. DriveImage XML (v2.6 / Free)

As a tool for creating ad-hoc image backups DriveImage XML does a great job, it is quick, easy to use, free to install and once running there are few configuration options to worry about. This means a full disk backup can be taken very quickly as and when it is needed.

It should also be pointed out, however, that encryption is not available within DriveImage XML, whilst this wont affect many home based users (who this software is aimed at) if this is a priority for you then you might need to look elsewhere.

You can download DriveImage XML for free by clicking here!

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