Ashampoo Snap 11 Review

Ashampoo Snap 11 Review

Features - 97%
Usability - 90%
Security - 100%
Support - 90%
Pricing - 85%


Very Good

With Snap 11, Ashampoo, really have done a great job in delivering a tool which is both powerful yet remains easy to use and will no doubt appeal to creative users from industries across the board.

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Ashampoo Snap 11

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    * Ashampoo Snap 14 is now out – Read our latest review by clicking here! *

    Snap 11 from Ashampoo takes the screen capture to a whole new level! Not only does this new version allow for easy capture of static screenshots and videos (including sound) it also adds many other useful features such as full-page website screenshots, optical character recognition (OCR) and automatic (timed delayed) captures to name just a few.

    Sure, the basic capture tool included with Windows might work for some, but for anyone producing creative content of any kind will find having Snap 11 installed to be a big step forwards!

    I myself have been very impressed with the breath of functionality from Snap 11 during testing, particularly the automatic capture of whole web pages which would normally require me taking several screenshots and plenty of scrolling to capture without this tool!

    Key Features of Snap 11

    • (New) Overhauled interface, even easier to use
    • (New) Improved sound and video codecs
    • (New) Additional WMV customisation options
    • (New) Automatic optimisation of settings
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from screenshots
    • Full screen capture support
    • Scrolling capture support (whole webpage)
    • Easily create animated GIFs from your snaps
    • Auto-inserted watermarks
    • Automatic (time delayed) captures
    • Webcam integration into captures
    • Resolutions up to 4K supported
    • Multiple video editing features built in
    • Built in sharing features (Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox etc.)
    • Supports high quality game capture


    Installing Ashampoo Snap 11

    This really is a feature packed piece of software, so, I have broken this usability section down into several parts! Before getting into the specifics, however, I want to quickly mention the installation process!

    As with all Ashampoo software getting the software downloaded, installed and to a point upon which it can be used was both quick and simple!

    ashampoo snap 11 install complete

    Once installed, you will see the software is active via a slim orange bar towards the top right of your screen, this will reveal the full Snap toolbar when you hover over it:

    ashampoo snap 11 top toolbar

    Ashampoo also start the software in a “tutorial mode” when you run it for the first time, you will see help screens like the following popping up regularly as your go along:

    ashampoo snap 11 welcome help screen

    Of course, you can turn these off straight away if you wish, or one by one as they are shown to you as you use the application. I myself am not usually a big fan of such modes but given the power of this software it was actually quite helpful to quickly read the card before using the feature for myself!

    Capturing Regions within Snap 11

    Now the software is installed we can start looking at it in a bit more depth, starting with the act of capturing specific regions of the screen. Often, when taking a snapshot, it is only a small and specific section of the screen you actually need. Snap 11, at the more basic end, includes 3 useful tools for quickly taking and editing such snapshots with very little fuss!

    The “Free Rectangle Region” tool is probably one of the most simple and intuitive tools available to get started with, simply select from the toolbar and drag over the region of the screen you wish to capture!

    Once the capture is complete the editing window will open up automatically, you can of course just save the snapshot as is at this point. If you need to perform some basic image editing then Snap 11 automatically gives us a good set of image editing tools without the need to open up any other software:

    snap 11 image editing screen

    These tools don’t quite match the tools found in a fully featured image editing suite, they do however cover all of the basics when it comes to cropping and making small edits to your screenshots.

    In addition to the “Free Rectangle Region” tool shown above, Snap 11 also provides the “FreeStyle” region tool as well as the “Fixed Region” tool. The freestyle tool allows users to draw a region to capture freely, this means they can, in-effect capture capture any shape on the underlying screen:

    Finally, the fixed region capture tool provides users with a list of pre-defined region sizes, for example, most common PC screen resolutions are included making for an easy way to capture in order to suit a specific screen resolution.

    ashampoo snap 11 fixed resolution screen shots

    Capturing Window Snap Shots

    In addition to taking snapshots of regions, as was mentioned above, Snap 11 also allows us to screenshot specific windows as well as entire websites. The ability to capture an entire website using one of the two “Capture Scrolling” features is particularly interesting!

    ashampoo snap 11 capture scrolling web sites

    As mentioned there are actually two tools to do this, one for IE and Chrome and the other for FireFox and other browsers. Once selected the software will ask for the necessary web browser window to be selected and will then proceed to snapshot the entire webpage, this means automatically scrolling sown to the bottom of the page and including everything in the screenshot!

    ashampoo snap 11 scrolling website capture

    Capturing Videos with Snap 11

    So far I have focused on static (image) screenshots, however, one of the things which makes Snap 11 so powerful is the ability to perform screen recordings as well. As with all capture modes launching the video capture tool can be done from the top toolbar which will, in turn, launch the video recording settings window:

    snap 11 video capture settings screen

    Once we start looking at this settings panel we can see preset options to easily capture either a specific region of the screen, an entire window or indeed the entire desktop across 1 or more monitors! Add to this that Snap 11 will automatically take care of the quality settings for us should we specify what we are intending to record. For example, this could be lower quality for recording an application being used and higher quality for recording video content.

    Other useful settings include being able to automatically apply a watermark to the recording as well as specify if a webcam should be used and from which source the sound should be taken, useful if commentating on your work!

    Once we have all of the settings completed pressing start will take up to the recording panel, tit is from here we will start the recording once we are ready to do so:

    snap 11 video capture recording screen

    As can be seen above, before starting the recording we can set a few more options such as including key presses in the recording, showing the web cam picture in the recording and even automatically stopping the recording if no screen activity is detected. Finally, this recording control panel can be minimise to the task bar meaning it will not be visible in the recording.

    snap 11 video editing suite tools

    Once we have taken our video we will arrive at the editing suite as is shown above, from here we can perform basic editing such as cutting the length of the video or exporting the video as either a video or a GIF file.

    All in all a very powerful set of tools for taking screen recordings and quickly getting them out to the world as either videos or animated GIFs!

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Snap 11

    This is easily one of the most impressive tools in Snap 11, the OCR tool allows a snapshot to be taken before then converting any text it might find in the screen shot into actual usable text which can be copied and pasted else ware. Sure, it is perhaps not a tool you will use often but I did some good testing on this feature and it worked really well, potentially potentially useful for someone working in translation or similar roles!

    ashampoo snap 11 ocr example

    Other Features of Ashampoo Snap 11

    Finally, before moving on I just want to mention a few of the other more mentionable tools inside of Ashampoo Snap 11 (there really are a lot of features here).

    Firstly the “Timed Capture” tool, found under the advanced menu allows a capture region to be specified (e.g. a specific window) and then allows for a screenshot to be taken at specified time intervals. For example, we could specify a specific web browser window has a screenshot taken every minute, potentially very useful for monitoring the status of an application over time!

    snap 11 time delayed screen shots

    It is also nice to see that Ashampoo have integrated a full set of sharing tools right into the application itself via a dedicated sharing menu. This means getting work out to social media and cloud drives very quick and simple!

    ashampoo snap 11 social and sharing menu


    Security is a standard (and very important) part of my testing process here at, however, it is not really applicable to this application!

    Ashampoo Support

    Ashampoo have a great website and provide a comprehensive Q&A section which handles most problems you might encounter. Should you still need to get in touch with a support representative you can submit support tickets online.

    Snap 11 Pricing

    Ashampoo Snap 11 is priced at a one-off $39.99.

    Ashampoo regularly have special offers on software (including Snap 11) so be sure to check out the Ashampoo Special Offers page!

    Snapp 11 Review Summary

    There is a lot to like with Snap 11! Ashampoo really have done a good job in delivering a tool which is both powerful yet remains easy to use and will no doubt appeal to creative users from industries across the board.

    I particularly like the ability to capture an entire website in one click, this includes the unseen parts of the page which would otherwise require scrolling to get to and the joining of multiple screenshots to create a similar effect. I also really like how well built the video capture tools are and the ease upon which any creations can be edited and shared with social media or exported as a GIF.

    All-in-all an excellent tool, a must have for anyone who works regularly with screenshots and video captures, excellent work Ashampoo!

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