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Ashampoo UnInstaller 9 Review

Ashampoo UnInstaller 9 Review

Features - 91%
Usability - 95%
Security - 90%
Support - 90%
Pricing - 87%


Very Good

Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 is a very impressive tool for anyone who takes system maintenance and privacy seriously. Not only does it provide a very impressive uninstall service the additional cleaning tools bundled in ensure this is a very capable system cleaning suite n its own right!

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Ashampoo Uninstaller 9

Uninstaller 9 from Ashampoo is a powerful tool which helps ensure there are no leftovers from any software which has been installed and then subsequently removed from your PC. This means completely removing the usual traces left behind by software including log files, registry keys and incorrect file extension associations amongst other things.

In addition to this core function of cleanly removing software, Uninstaller 9 also includes several other very useful tools including a drive cleaner, a registry optimiser, secure file deletion plus many more. This takes Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 from been a one-trick pony into a very capable tool for keeping your entire system clean and working well!

So, without further ado, lets get going!


  • (New) Overhauled interface, even easier to use
  • (New) Drag and drop interface for uninstall monitoring
  • (New) Usage and statistics on program use
  • (New) manage restore points from within the application
  • In depth cleaning of previous uninstalls (before Uninstaller 9)
  • Snapshot tool for monitoring system changes
  • Registry cleaner and optimiser
  • “Undeleter” tool (deleted file recovery tool)
  • Windows start-up tuner
  • Secure file and disk wiping tools
  • Great value suite of tools


Getting Things Set Up:

Installing Uninstaller 9, as with all Ashampoo software is both quick and straightforward, this means only a few moments after downloading the installer, letting it run and entering any licencing information you will be ready to go.

ashampoo uninstaller 9 installer running

If you do want to try the software first Ashampoo do have a 10 day free trial which you can obtain when downloading the software using this link.

Once everything is installed and ready to go we will be at first greeted by the Uninstaller 9 home screen. From this home screen we can quickly see our PCs status including how many applications are installed, how many of those are Windows apps and the number of browser plugins identified.

ashampoo uninstaller 9 home screen

This is a nice start and quickly lets us gauge the state of our PC and the applications which are installed. The software also shows us a metric of how many of these installations are logged by Uninstaller 9, in other words, how many applications have been installed whilst Uninstaller has been asked to monitor the install!

ashampoo uninstaller 9 recently installed applications

This is a really important metric, as we will later discover! Given the real power of this software is not only to clean up previous installs but to actively monitor future installs and ensure everything is returned to its former state when such software is removed.

Of course, this tool will still perform a very deep clean of any programs installed before Uninstaller 9 was enabled, once we have it running automatically we can be sure that for any future uninstalls everything will be picked up on! One of the key things to turn on first (I’m actually supposed its not on by default) is the automatic monitoring of new applications tool, this will detect when new software is been installed and monitor the install automatically for us.

ashampoo uninstaller 9 automatic monitoring

There are, as mentioned earlier many other system utility tools available on the left side menu, however, I will have a look at those later. For now let’s turn on the automatic installation monitoring and see how the software performs!

Testing Installs and Uninstalls

For the purposes of testing I’m going to go out to the internet, download some free to use software (Visual Studio Code) and then see if Uninstaller 9 picks this installation up and logs it correctly.

ashampoo uninstaller install in action

So far, so good! As can be seen above Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 springs into life as soon as I start the installation of VS Code! Once this installation is complete all that is left to do is to inform Uninstaller that this is the case by pressing the “Installation Complete” button.

Once this process is complete, if we head back to the Uninstaller home page we can see the counter monitoring the number of logged installations has been increased. We will also see that the recently installed software bar now highlights that VS Code has been installed.

ashampoo uninstaller status bar

Furthermore, if we look under “Applications” on the left menu and then under the “Logged” sub-menu we can now see that VS Code is showing as both installed and logged.

ashampoo uninstaller 9 applications logged

The next job is to uninstall VS Code and ensure we remove all traces of the program. To do this we start by selecting VS Code from the applications menu on the left like so:

ashampoo uninstaller 9 uninstall logged application

One we start the process Uninstaller 9 will come back into action and present us with a splash screen full of options relating to the uninstall, these include the option to create a system restore point before continuing.

ashampoo uninstaller uninstall splash screen

Going into the settings screen allows us to easily view (and potentially modify) the default uninstall settings, the defaults, however, will suffice for most.

ashampoo uninstaller 9 uninstall options

Once we click the Uninstall button the uninstallation process will begin, it is here that Uninstaller 9 starts to work its magic and wipe all traces of the application from the PC!

ashampoo uninstaller 9 uninstaller running

Once the uninstaller has completed the in-depth cleaning tools will show asking for confirmation of a full deep clean of the system. As can be seen below this deep clean is optional and will make sure everything is removed should you choose to run it. It is also nice to see there is also an option of wiping (overwriting) files should you wish to employ the maximum of cleaning!

ashampoo uninstaller 9 deep clean

Finally, once the deep-clean has finished so will have the entire uninstall process. Uninstaller 9 will present us with a quick report screen confirming everything has worked and the amount of disk space saved etc.

ashampoo uninstaller 9 uninstall summary


System Snapshots

Another really useful feature of Uninstaller 9 is that of system snapshots, a snapshot is essentially the state of the PC, its files and the registry at the time of taking the snapshot. If, for example, we take a snapshot, make some changes to our PC (e.g. install some software) and then re-take another snapshot we can see the changes which have been made to our system. For example, whilst testing I had taken a snapshot before installing some software and then again afterwards, Uninstaller 9 then allows the comparison of any two snapshots like below:

ashampoo uninstaller 9 snapshot options

As can be seen above, when we compare two snapshots this tool gives a full view on all the files which have been involved including their current status, for example, if they are new files which have been added to the PC.

Browser Plugins

Another really useful tool included is the browser plug-in management tool. This tool makes it easy to see, at a glance, all of the plug-ins installed across the various web browsers installed on the PC.

ashampoo uninstaller 9 browser plugins

It can be easy to lose track of the number of browser plugins and extensions so a tool such as this is a useful way of keeping track of and even remove plugins with one-click if necessary!

Other Features

In addition to the core uninstaller functions in Uninstaller 9, Ashampoo have also included several other PC utilities which is great to see! These additional tools include a drive cleaner, a registry optimiser, a start-up tuning tool, a secure file wiping tool and an undeleting tool amongst others.

ashampoo uninstaller 9 drive cleaner

Finally, Uninstaller 9 includes a Windows App management tool which makes it easy to see all installed apps from Microsoft. This is a useful addition given how many programs Microsoft installs onto Windows 10 of late, removing just a few of these unused apps can help claim back some valuable hard drive space!


Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 includes drive wiping and file wiping tools meaning any sensitive files and data can safely be destroyed.


Ashampoo have a great website and provide a comprehensive Q&A section which handles most problems you might encounter. Should you still need to get in touch with a support representative you can submit support tickets online.


Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 is priced at $39.99, you can however check out the latest Ashampoo deals page as they regularly have some good special offers! Click Here to visit the deals page!


Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 is a very impressive tool for anyone who takes system maintenance and privacy seriously. The ability to remove installed software safe in the knowledge that all traces have been eliminated is very reassuring, especially given how PCs can slow down over time as applications are repeatedly added, modified and removed.

The Snapshot tool is also an excellent addition, giving users the ability to see exactly how their files and registry entries have changed whilst the PC has been in use, ideal for those who regularly try new software or simply require piece of mind that their system is safe and secure!

It is also great to see Ashampoo have not settled on delivering a first rate uninstaller but also added some of the excellent cleaning and maintenance tools form WinOptimizer into the mix also! This makes Uninstaller 9 a must have for any PC! Well done Ashampoo!

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