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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17 Review

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17 Review

Features - 99%
Usability - 97%
Security - 97%
Support - 93%
Pricing - 92%



WinOptimizer 17 from Ashampoo is a powerful system cleaning tool with plenty of configuration options. It comes configured ready to run meaning the majority of users will be able to install and benefit from the software within a matter of minutes!

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17 is one of the most powerful PC optimisation tools available on the market today!

Featuring powerful components to keep you PC operating at peak performance, maintain privacy, free up storage, remove unwanted entities plus much more this really is an all-in-one superstar. It also features powerful automation tools meaning that once you have everything configured as you require the cleaning and optimisation of you PC can be done in the background with little to zero user intervention, great!


  • Well designed, powerful and easy to use PC optimisation software
  • Features powerful scheduling and automatic operating modes
  • Extensive web browser cleaning and privacy features
  • Powerful real time optimization tools tune performance on the fly
  • Game Booster – live tuning tool to optimise performance for video games
  • One Click Optimizer – optimise you PC with a single click
  • System analyser and benchmarking tools
  • Plus (lots) more!
  • Excellent value given the features on offer


The first thing which needs to be said about WinOptimizer 17 is that this is a very powerful piece of software which features just about everything you could ever need to keep you PC running at its best. In fact there are so many components it will be hard to cover them all in detail here so I will be focusing on the parts of the program I make the most use of myself.

WinOptimizer 17 main home screen

The other important thing to mention is that WinOptimizer 17 provides an impressive level of automation meaning you can schedule services to run automatically at times to suit. In addition to this there are several powerful, real time performance tuning and cleaning modules which can be set to run in the background helping to maintain peak performance at all times.


One of the core features from software such as this is the ability to clean up a PC, this includes everyday cleaning such as emptying the recycle bin and removing broken shortcuts through to a full (or partial) clean of any web browsing sessions, the windows auto-start entries plus any unwanted program installers and log files.

winoptimizer 17 system analysis

Freeing up disk space is also another important function of a system cleaner and in addition to the cleaning tools mentioned prior WinOptimizer 17 provides many other tools allowing for amore in depth cleaning of your hard disks. These tools include a file duplicate tool which will identify and optionally remove any duplicate files in addition to a specialist drive cleaning tool which provides a smart analysis of your system and suggests things such as temporary files, memory dumps and log files which can be safely removed.

WinOptimizer 17 drive cleaner screen shot

It is also important to mention WinOptimizer features a powerful settings panel allowing each internal tool to be individually configured so that users can easily determin ehat the tool can and cant remove. This means should you wish to exclude a particular area (e.g. cleaning the registry) or even a particular file extension this isn’t a problem.

winoptimizer 17 drive cleaner settings page

Once you have configured how you want the software to operate the powerful scheduling and one-click tools start to come into their own. From the scheduling screen you can set your system to be cleaned at any time intervals you like (e.g. once every two weeks) or should you wish to do it manually you can also take advantage of the “one click” tool making cleaning a breeze!

winopimizer 17 scheduler

There is also an option to turn on the “Auto-Clean” tool found in the “Automatic” menu. Once activated this tool will monitor your PC and will clean up any specified areas in real time as you use your PC, for example one you close a browser it will automatically remove any browsing history, clear the browser cache plus any other browser cleaning you might have configured.

PC Tuning:

In addition to the core features of removing junk form the PC WinOptimizer 17 also optimises the running of the PC itself via several powerful optimisation components. These include, amongst others a start-up analyser for speeding up boot time, a SSD optimization wizard to help extend the speed and life of your SSD drives and an internet tuning tool for optimising network connections.

The most important tuning tools however are the auto optimizer tools found in the “Automatic” menu comprising of “Auto-Clean “Live-Tuner” and “Game-Booster”. I mentioned Auto-Clean a little earlier but it is Live-Tuner and Game-Booster which really make a noticeable difference to how you PC behaves during everyday use.

winoptimizer 17 automatic optimisation screen

Live-Tuner, once enabled will perform real time monitoring and tweaking of the system to help accelerate application launches and imporve responsiveness. This optimization also extends to modifying process priorities in real time to ensure the PC as a whole operates as smoothly as possible.

Game-Booster works in a similar, albeit more extreme way to Live-Tuner and upon detecting a game has been launched will attempt to terminate all non-essential background processes freeing up the maximum of system resources for your game. Upon exiting the game the Game-Booster tool will re-instate any closed processes taking your system back to normal.


Privacy is something Ashampoo have put a lot of emphasis on whilst creating WinOptimizer 17 and the tool does not disappoint in this department. Whilst the cleaning tools themselves will remove browsing history, 3rd party cookies and so on Ashampoo have also included two additional tools to help really maximize privacy. These two tools include “Windows 10 Privacy Control” and the “AntiSpy” anti-spyware tool:

Windows 10 Privacy Tool:

The Windows 10 Privacy Tool is a very useful tool which allows easy configuration of all aspects of a Windows system which might compromise you privacy, in-fact its so useful its almost worthy of being a piece of software in its own right!

winoptimizer 17 customise windows tools screen

As can be see from the screen shot above the tool looks at several key areas of a Windows 10 configuration and for each area allows for easy configuration of the settings which might compromise security. For example we can specify which applications can access Windows telemetry and location data, which apps can have access to the internet and to other networks such as Bluetooth as well as disabling hardware such as allowing applications use of the webcam!

winoptimizer windows 10 privacy control screen

What’s important to note here is that whilst these settings can be changed without this tool the convenience in bringing them all together in one place and giving an explanation of each is of great value in my opinion. Bringing all of this together in one easy to use tool helps users easily understand what their current privacy levels are and adjust them accordingly making for a more secure PC!

AntiSpy Anti-Spyware Tool:

The AntiSpy tool further enhances the privacy configuration of your system by allowing control over key services which could allow user privacy to be compromised. This includes often overlooked areas such as automatically submitting error reports, script execution settings and media player meta-data services.

winoptimizer 17 anti spy settings

Other Useful Tools:

Aside from the core cleaning, performance tuning and privacy tools WinOptimizer 17 offers many other built in tools to help manage and monitor you system, some of the notable ones include:

System Information:

Useful for quickly gaining insight into your PC hardware specifications and the specifications of any attached peripherals.

winoptimizer 17 cpu benchmark

HDD Inspector:

The HDD Inspector tool allows you to easily see the health status of all attached hard drives including the drive statistics. You can also see the SMART self diagnostic figures for any system drives.

win optimizer 17 hdd inspector tool

Context Menu Manager:

A useful tool for slimming down you context menus by removing unnecessary entries.

win optimizer 17 contect menu manager screen


As well as removing junk, increasing disk space and improving performance WinOptimizer 17 also helps boost the security of your PC. This is in the form of specialist tool providing file encryption, secure deletion and ADS (alternate data streams) tools.

win optimizer 17 ads scanner tool

The ADS tool in particular is an interesting and useful addition which checks for hidden information attached to files potentially helping to prevent malware.


Ashampoo have a great website and provide a comprehensive Q&A section which handles most problems you might encounter. Should you still need to get in touch with a support representative you can submit support tickets online.


Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17 is priced at a one-off $39.99 per PC.


Not only is WinOptimizer 17 a powerful tool with plenty of configuration options it comes configured ready to run meaning the majority of users will be able to install and benefit from the software within a matter of minutes. It also features a great collection of supplementary cleaning, performance and privacy modules all of which can be configured to to produce a very powerful all-in-one system cleaning utility.

The excellent, real time cleaning and performance optimisation modules mean that not only will you PC remain clear of junk and privacy issues but in almost all cases feel quicker and more responsive during everyday use.

All in all an excellent tool, thoroughly recommended for users of all abilities!

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