Cloudberry Backup Review

Cloudberry Backup Review

Features - 98%
Usability - 91%
Security - 97%
Support - 95%
Pricing - 89%


Very Good

A very powerful backup application offering unparalleled flexability and secuirty for the more advanced PC user. An excellent choice!

*** This review was written just prior to Cloudberry Lab changing their name to MSP360 ***

Cloudberry Backup for Windows is a versatile backup solution giving users the freedom to choose the cloud storage provider of their choice. In addition to multiple cloud storage options a great amount of emphasis has been put on providing a solid and secure application with excellent image backup and security features to boot. All-in-all Cloudberry Backup offers one of the most versatile and powerful backup solutions on the market today!

Cloudberry Windows backup home screen

One of the main reasons Cloudberry Backup stands out from the crowd is for the wide range of backup and storage options on offer. Both file and image backup options are available and both of which can be stored locally, in the could or on both using the innovative hybrid backup feature!

The ability to select your own choice of storage provider is one of the main benefits that Cloudberry Backup has over its rivals, this means, unlike with providers such as CrashPlan and Backblaze you are free to choose where and with who your backups are stored. Naturally, this also means you can, should you wish have multiple backup sets saved with multiple different cloud storage providers giving your backups a degree of protection hard to find else ware.

Cloudberry backup cloud storage screen

NB – in this review I will be looking at the “Windows Pro” version of the software, Cloudberry provide several versions of this backup tool allowing for backing up Windows Server, Exchange and SQL Server if required, but the Windows Pro version is more aimed towards small business and individual PC users.

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  • Solid, reliable and easy to use backup software
  • Scheduled or continuous protection of data
  • External and network drives included
  • Choose your own cloud storage provider
  • Easy to recover files using the client application
  • Private key encryption
  • Great value one-off payment (then only pay for storage)
  • Restore-only version of the tool always free to use!


Backing Up with Cloudberry Backup

Cloudberry Backup provides a great set of backup options allowing for both file and image backups, multiple different backup sets and the ability to store data either locally or in the cloud. The program itself includes a few pre-made backup sets for easy backing up of images, user documents and so and allows for more specific backup sets to be created and run independently of each other. With this approach you can, for example, run a backup of you image files once a week and then backup everything else daily using a seperate backup set.

Cloudberry backup sets screen

Of course one of the main selling points of Cloudberry is the ability to select your own cloud storage provider, this additional control over your backups means more security and potentially a more cost effective solution when up a smaller amount of data.

Security is also a key feature when using Cloudberry and all backups (files and filenames) can optionally be encrypted using up to 256bit AES encryption. It is important to point out here if you do encrypt your backups you will solely be responsible for the key with no way for Cloudberry to help recover a lost key.

Cloudberry backup encryption options screen

In addition to local and cloud backup another nice feature is the introduction of the Hybrid Backup, this allows backups to be first written to a local device such as an external hard drive before then begin written to the cloud. This feature naturally provides two copies of the data which is good in any circumstance but additionally by backing up to local storage first means larger files are protected much quicker than they would be otherwise if only using the cloud!

Cloudberry hybrid backup option screen

As would be expected from such a powerful tool Cloudberry also has included an excellent scheduling engine allowing for almost any schedule to be created. This coverage also extends to continuous backup, as well as options to run backups on system start-up (if missed) and an option to put a time limit on any backup whilst running (when required).

cloudberry backup scheduling options screen

Retention is also a big feature of Cloudberry Backup in that since you choose your own storage you can set this to whatever you like! Some cloud providers have very strict retention policys (sometimes as little as 30 days!) and for more advanced or professional users these policies usually aren’t enough. With the cloud backup market generally shifting en mass towards retention periods of under 1 year if you do need longer then Cloudberry has got you covered, simply set the retention policy to as long as you need!

cloudberry backup retention policy screen

In addition to all of the above some other interesting features give more advanced users a lot of control over their backup including the ability to limit bandwidth on a per backup set basis, encrypt and compress backups, specify retry attempts and have backup reports automatically delivered via email.

Restoring within Cloudberry Backup

Just like with backup, Cloudberry offers a powerful set of restore features when it comes to restoring your files. Selecting “view backup” for a particular set allows the backup to be viewed and one or many files selected for restore during this process. The other main way to restore involves creating a “restore plan” which is a wizard based process to restore some or all files within your backup. What makes the restore plan so powerful is it can optionally be saved and re-run at a later date.

cloudberry restore scheduling screen

It is important to note restore speeds might vary significantly depending upon which cloud storage provider you choose and the class of storage they offer, generally speaking however whilst testing myself with a standard S3 bucket cloudberry seemed to perform reasonably well!

Other Features of Cloudberry Backup

In addition to a powerful set of backup and restore features Cloudberry also provides tool to help manage the storage locations themselves, this is useful as when using Cloudberry you need to be aware you are essentially responsible for the storage as well as the backup itself! Cloudberry also have included a disk capacity tool which makes it easy to analyse you disk(s) and get a feel for what needs backing up and how much storage will be needed.

cloudberry disk capacity tool screen

Cloudberry Backup Security

Cloudberry allows backup sets to be encrypted with a private key before leaving you PC, in addition to this you cloud storage provider might offer additional security features making this potentially a very secure backup solution when used right. Again, this is aimed more towards people who know how to setup such a backup.

MSP360 Support

Support from MSP360 (Cloudberry Lab) is generally very good, in addition to telephone support and live chat they also have a very informative support website and FAQ section provided for the software.

Cloudberry Backup Pricing

Cloudberry Backup “Windows Pro” edition costs a one-off fee of $49. This is very reasonable for such a powerful tool however, bear in mind you will need to potentially pay separately for your cloud storage!

You can get Cloudberry Backup from the official Cloudberry online store.


Cloudberry is a powerful backup application which is clearly aimed towards the more advanced PC user, one who is happy to dig into the settings pages and fine tune everything relating to their backup. With this in mind, if you are looking for more of a “set and forget” backup tool then you should maybe look else ware!

Having said this, if you are happy to ride the learning curve that comes with Cloudberry Backup then this is a very powerful tool, one which will allow for advanced backup configurations to be used including the setting up of multiple copies of data across multiple cloud storage providers, hybrid backups and much more.

Not for everyone, but if you need probably a powerful desktop backup tool with pleanty of cloud storage options then this a serious contender!

Looking for backup software?

Are you looking for help and advice on choosing the best backup software for your PC or Mac? If so then be sure to check out our guide to choosing backup software which also contains a list of our favorite choices as tested here on!

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