EaseUS Todo Backup Home Review

EaseUS Todo backup Home Review

Features - 95%
Usability - 96%
Security - 92%
Support - 90%
Pricing - 90%


Very Good

One of the things which makes EaseUS Todo Backup (Home) so good is the ease of which a backup can be configured, thanks to the new ‘smart backup’ feature a comprehensive, real-time backup can be running within minutes of the software been downloaded!

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EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Todo Home is a fully featured backup solution geared towards the home and small business user seeking protection of their PC and data.

Building on the already solid free version of this same software (which I reviewed last year here) the home version adds various additional features including full system cloning, restoring to dissimilar hardware, email notification, event based schedules and then some.

I was already very impressed with the free version so it will be interesting to see how Todo Home builds upon this, so, lets go!

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Key Features of ToDo Backup

  • Well designed, user friendly user interface
  • Smart backup every 30min real time backup (very easy to set-up)
  • Full, incremental and differential backup methods supported
  • Disk image backup and full system image backup (full only)
  • Disk and full system clone (e.g. migrate HDD to and optimise for an SDD)
  • Full Scheduling, compression and encryption
  • Email notifications (Requires SMTP credentials)
  • Recovery media builder
  • Email backup (connects to Outlook)
  • Secure disk wiping tool
  • Great value lifetime licences available

ToDo Backup Usability

Backing up with EaseUS ToDo Home

EaseUS Todo Home offers several backup options, these include file backup, email backup (Outlook), individual disk and full system imaging backups alongside something EaseUS refer to as ‘Smart backup’.

easeus todo home initial home screen

I will look at the smart backup to start with because this is the feature which makes getting a backup running quick and simple. The idea behind smart backup is that EaseUS handle all of the settings dynamically, this means you simply need to select the files required for back up, specify the storage location and the software will then do the rest. Whilst operating in Smart Backup mode the software will aim to protect your files in real time, in reality this means a backup is taken every 30 minutes or wherever possible otherwise!

eaaseus todo smart backup screen

I really like it when providers include such modes into their software, whilst not ideal for everyone it means less tech savvy users can at least get their files backed up safely and with little fuss in very little time. Should you want more control over your backup EaseUS do, however, offer use some more advanced backup modes!

Firstly, as is standard with a lot of software we have a file backup mode, this simply allows us to specify which files and folders we want to backup and to what storage, simple enough so far!

easeus todo home backup options

Once in the settings screen we can start setting various more advanced settings for our backup set, these include compression, encryption and the performance of the backup (in other words how much impact it will have on the system).

easeus todo home backup encryption

We also have some other useful options available including the ability to exclude certain file types, send email notifications (requires SMTP credentials) and even run system commands before and after the backup runs.

Once the settings have been completed Todo Home also provides us with a very comprehensive scheduling engine for our new backup set. With this scheduling system we can set virtually any schedule including and up to running the backup every minute of every day should we require!

easeus todo home scheduling options

Once the backup options are set, the schedule configured and the files to be back up selected, all that is left is to specify the storage location. Todo Home allows us not only to backup locally and to locally attached drives but also to a choice of three big cloud providers (Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox).

easeus todo backup cloud storage accounts

If you are looking for image based backups then Todo Home offers two main types, disk imaging which will image an entire disk and system imaging which will image an entire system regardless of the umber of disks. It is important to note that the full system imaging option is only available in the full (Home) version of Todo backup!

easeus todo home system image

As for backup options with images these are pretty much the same as for the file backup although if you do decide on this type of backup it is useful to know you can also split the image to accommodate writing the file to multiple CDs and DVDs if needs be.

easeus todo home split image for dvd

Once backups are defined and running the home screen also makes for a dashboard to help keep track of what is backed up and what actions are in progress. This is very useful and helps see at a glance the status of all current backups!

Restoring with EaseUS ToDo Backup

Restoring from EaseUS Todo Home backup is straight forwards and begins by clicking on the “Recovery” button aside the backup you wish to recover from on the home screen.

easeus todo home recovery screen

Once in the recovery console (pictured above) we can select the files to recover as well as the date (version) to recover from. It is also nice to see EaseUS have integrated a search box into this screen meaning finding certain files will be quicker than using the drill-down tree might otherwise be.

It is also useful to see we have the option to recover files to their original location (and optionally overwrite) as well as recover to any other location of our choosing. This might seem like a small thing but (surprisingly) not all backup software is this flexible!

easeus todo home recovery options

If you have backed up using a full system image then Todo Home provides several other recover options as well as simply recovering individual files and folders, this means you can recover you entire system to a previous date, very useful if affected by a malware issue for example. Full system image backup also allow for migrating (copying) your entire PC to new, dissimilar hardware. This means should you, for example, buy a new PC you can get your entire Windows system moved over, data, applications and everything else ready to go, excellent!

Other Features of ToDo Backup

As well as a solid set of backup features Todo Home features several system utilities including disk and system cloning tools, a secure drive wiper and a recovery media console amongst others.

The cloning tools are especially useful and indeed great to find included in such software. The are especially useful for moving your working system to other hardware (e.g. migrating to a new PC) or upgrading a system built on an old mechanical hard drive to a new SSD drive (Todo Home will also optimise for SSDs automatically). It is also possible to clone a Windows system and write it to a bootable USB drive, this means taking your system with you and booting it from virtually any other hardware is also possible.

easeus todo home system clone

The recovery media tool allows for creating a piece of emergency boot media which will allow users to restore their PC with should it not boot up for any reason. Of course to make use of this feature you must have at least 1 image backup in use or a cloned image of your entire system saved else ware.

easeus todo home recovery media builder

It is great to see the recovery media builder has plenary of options including the ability to choose from a Windows PE or Linux based system as well as creating a ISO file, a USB Drive or burning directly to a CD / DVD if the PC has an optical media drive.

One last tool worthy of a mention is the image checking tool, this allows you to quickly verify an image backup is working and suitable for recovering from if needs be. A useful addition for those who like to make sure their data is as safe as possible!

EaseUS ToDo Backup Security

EaseUS Todo Home features full data encryption via means of a user specified password, this is available on all backup modes.

EaseUS Support

EaseUS have an excellent support website containing a very useful customer support centre, from here guides and FAQs on the main operation of the application can be found.

EaseUS also offer both email and live chat support via the support website, a phone number is also offered but this appears to be only for pre-sales support and not technical help!

EaseUS ToDo Backup (Home) Pricing

There are two methods to purchasing EaseUS Todo Home, either a subscription or a one-off lifetime payment.

The subscription method involves paying either $29.95 per year or $39.95 every two years, this includes use of the software in addition to any any updates which might be released during this time.

The lifetime plan involves a one-off payment of $59 and entitles users to a lifetime of free upgrades and free technical support, a great deal in my opinion and much better than either of the yearly subscription options!

More inofrmation can be found at the official EaseUS Software Store.

ToDo backup Review Summary

When I tested the free version of Todo backup last year I really liked what EaseUS had done with it, it really is an excellent piece of backup software that will suit the needs of many. With the premium Home version it is fair to say EaseUS have built upon this solid base and created a backup application worth of anyone’s attention.

One of the things which makes this software so good is the ease of which a backup can be configured, thanks to the new ‘smart backup’ feature a comprehensive, real-time backup can be running within minutes of the software been downloaded. If you require something more specific then a full system image backup can be taken and options such as compression, encryption and advances scheduling enforced.

The only small disappointment I have come across is that EaseUS currently only support three cloud storage providers (Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive). Whilst this combo will suit many it would be nice to see EaseUS step up and add some more providers in the near future.

And finally, the option for a lifetime licence inducing free lifetime upgrades to the latest version for only $59 really is a great deal, a great piece of software and a great value proposition for home users. Well done EaseUS!

Looking for backup software?

Are you looking for help and advice on choosing the best backup software for your PC or Mac? If so then be sure to check out our guide to choosing backup software which also contains a list of our favorite choices as tested here on BestBackupReviews.com!

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