Revo Uninstaller Pro Review

Revo Uninstaller Pro Review

Features - 92%
Usability - 91%
Security - 91%
Support - 90%
Pricing - 87%


Very Good

Uninstaller Pro is an impressive piece of software, one which really does help in maintaining a clean and reliable Windows system!

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Revo Uninstaller Pro

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    Revo Uninstaller Pro is a fully featured uninstaller application for Windows. It helps ensure any uninstalled applications are removed properly and completely including all files, folders and registry entries created by the software during its use.

    As many Windows users will know a Windows system will have the tendency to slow down over time, a common factor in this is the amount of “junk” that gets left behind by applications once they have been removed using the traditional uninstaller. With Revo Uninstaller Pro ensuring any applications are uninstalled properly along with any of the remnants that would otherwise left behind becomes a quick and painless task.

    Together with some other useful cleaning and privacy tools which are thrown in including a traced program tool which will track the install of any software and a powerful browser extensions uninstaller Revo Uninstaller Pro is a great addition to any Windows PC.

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    Key Features

    • Great user interface, very easy to navigate and use
    • All programs tool makes uninstalling any application easy
    • Multiple uninstalls (save time removing a group of applications together)
    • Forced uninstall – great for cleaning up previous botched uninstalls
    • Windows apps tool makes removing Microsoft apps quick and simple
    • Browser extensions remover tool
    • Logs database – existing database of uninstall traces
    • Hunter mode, makes identifying and uninstalling
    • Junk cleaner – removes unnecessary files
    • Secure file deletion and drive wiping tools

    Uninstaller Pro Usability

    Downloading and installing Uninstaller Pro was both quick and easy and after just a few clicks the software was ready to use. Should you wish to try the software before buying Revo have a 30 day free trial you can get by clicking here

    revo uninstaller pro installation

    Once installed, we are greeted by the main Uninstaller Pro home screen, at first glance this is a very nicely designed application with all of the included tools available from the left hand side menu. Split into to main categories (Uninstaller tools and cleaning tools), Uninstaller Pro makes it easy to find the tools we need and start using them.

    revo uninstaller pro home screen

    Of course, the main reason for such an application is its capabilities as an uninstaller, so, with this in mind, this is where I am going to focus my review. Later on in the review I will have a look at some of the numerous other tools which can be a real help in keeping a Windows PC clean and running well!

    Basic Uninstaller Features

    As was mentioned a little earlier the main functionality of this software is ensuring that any software removed from the PC in question leaves very little to zero traces behind. This means that certain areas such as registry keys, user profiles and various other traces of the uninstalled application having once existed on the PC are completely eradicated!

    The main “All Programs” tool is a good place to start when evaluating Uninstaller Pro, from here we can see all applications currently installed on our PC and (if needs be) start the removal process. It is also here that we see one of the first real time saving features the app has to offer, whereby highlighting and selecting multiple applications we can perform several uninstalls simultaneously, a great way to save time when cleaning up a system.

    revo uninstaller pro uninstall multiple apps

    Whilst Uninstaller Pro does a great job of cleaning up after existing applications (those already installed before Uninstaller Pro) the real power of the application comes from the “Traced Programs” tool. This tool, once activated, allows any new installs to be monitored and logged and the entire install process recorded. This means when the time comes to remove said software Uninstaller Pro will have detailed information on any changes made by the software and as such a full and detailed clean can be made ensuring all traces are removed.

    revo uninstaller pro traced install

    The “Traced Programs” tool is undoubtedly a great tool however, as will be the case for many PC users, Uninstaller Pro will usually be installed on a PC with at least some prior use. This means that when it is installed by most people there will likely be multiple applications already installed and a full trace install log (as mentioned above) wont be available for the PC in question.

    This is where the “Logs Database” tool comes in very useful, since Uninstaller Pro is offered as a service the developers (Revo) can maintain an updated and centrally stored database of uninstall information for many different software products. This means, in effect, regardless of what software your are removing the chances are there will be a set of detailed removal instructions available to remove the software as and when they are needed!

    revo uninstaller pro logs database

    Advanced Tools

    The core uninstaller tools covered so far are great for helping keep a PC clean and free of any unnecessary files and registry keys often left behind from regular uninstaller programs. To help take cleaning and performance even further Revo have included some additional cleaning tools into Uninstaller Pro.

    Firstly we have the Autorun Manager, a tool which helps optimise and speed up the starting of the PC. This tool works by allowing users to review all applications which automatically start in the background when the PC is started up, it goes without saying that the more applications which the PC needs to start up during the boot process the longer it will take!

    revo uninstaller pro autorun manager

    Another useful tool is the History Cleaner tool, this tool allows users to effectively remove traces of how the PC has been used to help maintain the privacy and security of the system. This tool covers all major web browsers, Microsoft Office history plus some other sensitive areas of the PC such as the start menu recent usage history and emptying the recycle bin. Whilst clearing web browser history it is also useful to know any unused r unwanted browser extensions can easily be used using the separate Browser Extensions tool.

    revo uninstaller pro history cleaner

    In addition to the above there is also a couple of other notable cleaning tools (yes, Revo take system cleaning seriously!). These include the “Evidence Remover” which allows a disk to be securely wiped and the “Unrecoverable Delete” tool which allows a file to be securely deleted in such a way it can never be recovered!

    There are also few more, smaller, cleaning tools available but this hopefully gives you a flavour of the power of this application for now!

    Revo Uninstaller Pro Security

    Revo Uninstaller Pro is a great tool for helping to maintain the security of your PC and your privacy as a user in the process. The Drive wiping and secure file deleting tools are very useful to have available plus the numerous other cleaning tools make cleaning up every corner of your system both possible and easy to do!

    Revo Support

    Revo have a good website featuring user documentation, FAQs and even video tutorials to help out with Uninstaller Pro. Should you need further support they also offer email ticketing and live chat support!

    Uninstaller Pro Pricing

    Revo Uninstaller Pro is priced at $24.95 per year for a single PC licence, additional savings can be made by extending the number of PCs or increasing the length of the subscription to multiple years.

    There is also a free trial version with limited functions available by clicking here

    Uninstaller Pro Review Summary

    Uninstaller Pro is an impressive piece of software, one which really does help in maintaining a clean and reliable Windows system free of much of the junk left behind when uninstalling software. The Logs Database (Revo’s central repository of uninstall profiles) is especially impressive meaning virtually any software can be effectively wiped clean, even if it was installed before Uninstaller Pro!

    Not only is the core uninstaller functionally impressive but Revo have bundled in several other very useful tools which help make this application a fully fledged system cleaning and maintenance tool, one which it must be said worked very well throughout my testing!

    Other features such as the secure deletion tool and the browser cleaning tools means Uninstaller Pro is also a great way of keeping you PC and privacy safe and secure I the process of using it. All in all a great utility and available at a very reasonable price for the home and small business user, a great job, Revo!

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