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Veeam Free Backup Review

Veeam Endpoint Backup Review (Free)

Features - 85%
Usability - 90%
Security - 85%
Support - 80%
Pricing - 100%



Veeam Free Backup has a very professional feel and a great set of features. In our tests everything worked as it should and performance overall was impressive. Highly recommended!

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Veeam Endpoint Backup (Free)

Veeam is a well known name in the IT world but much less so in the home market, with the latest release of their free backup software this might be about to change. Offering a lightweight and easy to use client with plenty of storage options the Veeam Agent should appeal to those seeking an easy to use and cost effective way of backing up their data.


  • 100% Free to use!
  • File & Folder, Volume and Entire Computer (Imaging) backup options
  • Powerful scheduling system incorporating system events (e.g. logging off)
  • Ample storage options including external drives, shared folders (NAS) and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Powerful device-side encryption options
  • Cryptolocker protection built-in
  • Bootable recovery media incorporating diagnostic tools
  • Clear and easy to use interface


Installing the software is straightforward and during the install you will also be prompted to create the optional recovery media. The easiest way of creating this media is to stay with the default options and create an ISO file for burning to CD/DVD later on.


Once installed the software will guide you into creating your first backup set and schedule – there are 3 backup schemes available:

  • Entire Computer (an image based backup of the entire machine)
  • Volume (Backup of a single logical disk)
  • File (Backup of selected file and folders)

The “Entire Computer” scheme is an image backup and will appeal to most users given it will back up all files in addition to the operating system and all installed applications. The downside to an image backup is of course the backup speed will be slow and the size of the backup will be large. For those looking for quicker backups and smaller file sizes the File and Folder scheme will provide the best combination of protection and performance.


A scheduling screen provides multiple scheduling options allowing for daily, weekly and monthly backups, in addition to this system events (e.g. logging off) can also be used to trigger backups.


Users have the option to store their backups on an external hard drive, network attached storage (NAS) and as of the latest version on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. When selecting storage we can also specify the retention period for the previous backups, this is done in days rather than versions like many other providers.


When selecting storage under the advanced settings it is also possible to configure the encryption and set a password for you backup. Advanced setting also allows specifying the compression level and optimising the backup for certain media types (shared drives, external hard drives etc).


Recovering data is also straight forward, simply click on the necessary date you wish to go back to and select the files to restore form the backup browser


Veeam Security

When specifying our storage media we will also be given the option to add a password to our backups, this password applies 256bit AES encryption to our backups before they leave the PC

Cryptolocker protection is also built into the software whereby any external hard drives used for backup will be automatically disconnected upon the backup completing.

Veeam Support

Being a free product support for Veeam Agent is limited however, Veeam themselves do have a strong knowledge base and forum on their own website. The software is also very stable, straightforward and easy to use so issues should be few and far apart.

Veeam Pricing

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows is completely free to use! You will need to sign up for a free Veeam account prior to downloading.


At first sight the Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows offers an impressive set of features given that the software is completely free to use. Some of the highlights of the latest version include backup encryption, Cryptolocker protection and integration with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage.

Overall the software is very cleanly laid out, easy to use and has a very professional feel to it. In our tests everything worked as it should and performance overall was impressive. Highly recommended!

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