Top 10 Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backup services are amongst some of the quickest, easiest and safest ways to keep any Windows PC, MacOS or mobile device backed-up safely and with the minimal of fuss. Not only does making use of cloud backup software automatically mean that an off-site copy of you valuable data will exist, but also the act of using a cloud based service means that no additional hardware (such as external hard drives) are required to get started.

Not only are cloud backup services typical very quick and easy to get started with, but they can often bring many other useful (cloud related) features into the mix including file sharing, folder synchronisation, unlimited historic file versioning and automatically applied secure file encryption amongst many other things.

Remember, any data on your PC or MacOS device is always vulnerable to dangers including fire, theft, hardware failure and, during modern times, the dangers of ransomware and cyber crime! A well implemented cloud backup solution is often one of the quickest and easiest ways of protecting devices against such dangers!

This is a Quick & Easy Guide!

This page provides a quick look at our top 10 favourite cloud backup services! If you are looking for more in-depth guides and reviews for cloud backup software then please be sure to check out some of our many cloud backup reviews!

Quick Tips for Finding the Best Cloud Backup Service

In this section we will be highlighting some of the more important factors to consider before choosing a cloud backup service for yourself. The top 10 list is just below this section (if you want to jump straight to it) but here are some useful tips for choosing cloud backup first.

Unlimited vs Fixed Cloud Storage

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a cloud backup service is the amount of storage which will be allocated towards backing up your device. Some providers will allocate a fixed amount of cloud storage for the account (often with options to increase this allocation for an additional fee) whereas other providers will simply offer unlimited cloud storage (meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about ever outgrowing the service).

Whichever route you decide to take here, it is important to make sure that enough cloud storage space will be available for your device and that all of your important files can be included in the backup! If you do choose a provider offering a fixed allocation of storage then also be sure to also check the costs of upgrading this storage allocation as this might be needed at a later date and will save any surprises if the upgrade fees are deemed unreasonable!

Single vs Multi-Device

Another important consideration when choosing cloud backup is the number of devices which any given provider will allow to be backed-up under any given plan. In many cases (especially so when unlimited storage is on offer) the providers will often charge per month (or annually) and this fee will apply individually to each and every device which is backed-up using the service (potentially making this an expensive option for those wanting to backup multiple devices).

If you are looking to back-up multiple devices and don’t want to pay multiple device fees, then it might be worth considering some of the cloud backup services which offer fixed allocations of storage which can then be shared between multiple devices (also, be sure to check out our in-depth guide to backing-up multiple computers for more great advice on this topic).

Historic File Versioning

When using cloud backup (or any other backup for that mater) it is important that you can access old versions of any backed-up files in case said versions are ever needed in the future (e.g. in the event of a file accidentally being deleted in the past or a ransomware attack causing damage to individual files). Whilst most providers will offer at least some historic file versioning options (usually a minimum of at least 30 days) it might be worth considering providers with longer historic retention periods to gain more protection for your valuable files.

The ideal amount of historic file versioning required will, of course, depend upon your own personal circumstances but ideally a minimum of 6 months is recommended and some providers will even provide unlimited historic file versioning for those seeking the maximum amount of data protection!

Other Cloud Backup Features

Some other very valuable features of cloud backup can include the application of secure AES 256-bit file encryption by default, direct file sharing of any backed-up files in the could, web-browser access to any backed-up files and smartphone apps which can help not only backup smartphone data but can also potentially help in accessing backed-up data on the go!

Our Top 10 Cloud Backup Services

Below is a top 10 list of our current favourite cloud backup services as are tested and reviewed here on Remember, any ratings given by us are only intended as a guide and that the cloud backup service with the highest rating might not necessarily be the best for your own personal needs. With this in mind, please refer to our detailed reviews of each service for more information on the software itself and how it might help with your own individual cloud backup requirements.

NB – Whilst other backup products exist which allow for integrating you own cloud storage subscriptions into them, all of the cloud backup services mentioned below either come with cloud storage included or provide the option to include such cloud storage as a part of the licence fee.

Backblaze best backup software page logo
Cyber Protect
ToDo Backup
SpiderOak One
Arq Premium
Carbonite Safe
This is a Quick & Easy Guide!

This page provides a quick look at our top 10 favourite cloud backup services! If you are looking for more in-depth guides and reviews for cloud backup software then please be sure to check out some of our many cloud backup reviews!

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