Black Friday 2023 Updates

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    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents is a privacy focused cloud storage service which, amongst many other great features, provides a highly secure cloud storage offering which sees all data subject to strong AES 256-bit zero-knowledge encryption during its entire time stored upon the cloud. black friday 2023 - latest details and updates

    Despite being first and foremost a highly secure and strongly encrypted cloud storage offering, also provides many other useful cloud related features which are commonly found amongst the best cloud storage drive services. These include use of desktop synchronisation software for keeping local folders in-sync with the cloud, secure file sharing services with password protection capabilities, integrations with popular third-party tools including Microsoft Office plus the option of utilising up to 365-days of historic file versioning for enhanced data protection against threats including those originating from malware and ransomware attacks.

    With very competitive pricing options backing up all of this highly useful cloud functionality (which starts at just $8 / month for 2TB on the regular pricing plans), really is a top-rated cloud storage solution and Black Friday 2023 is almost certainly going to be a great time to pick up a top deal on this cloud storage solution – remember to check back on this page closer to Black Friday itself (24th November 2023) for more details on any deals as soon as they emerge.

    NB – For more details on the cloud storage service (one of my current favourite secure cloud storage choices) – be sure to read my full and detailed Review right here on!

    About Black Friday Deals

    NB – As of time of writing this Black Friday 2023 deals guide, have yet to officially announce any Black Friday deals. Be sure to bookmark this updates page and check back closer to November as this page will be updated as soon as any new details of the Black Friday 2023 offerings start to emerge!

    Last Year’s Deals

    During last year’s Black Friday sale (this was Black Friday 2022), offered some very generous discount of up to $100 across their entire range of secure cloud storage plans (all of which feature the secure zero-knowledge encryption for which the service has become well known for).

    Predictions for Black Friday 2023, as of time of writing this guide just prior to the Black Friday 2023 sales beginning, do not yet appear to have any official Black Friday deals announced nor is any further information available on which deals might be arriving for Black Friday. For this reason, and in my own opinion, I would look back to the generous $100 discount from last year’s Black Friday sale and expect to see some very similar discounts available on the full range of cloud storage plans a little later on this year.

    This means Black Friday 2023 should be one of the best opportunities of the entire year to get access to a top-rated and highly secure cloud storage service in for a very special price!

    When to expect Black Friday deals this year?

    Last year (2022), offered these amazing discounts of up to $100 off their entire range of cloud storage plans throughout the Black Friday period and all the way up until the 28th of November. If you are interested in getting in the Black Friday 2023 deals for this year then I would suggest keeping a watch on my special Black Friday deals page from around the middle of November 2023 for more details as and when they become available.

    NB – Remember to check out (and bookmark) my dedicated Black Friday 2023 software deals page to keep updated on the latest Black Friday 2023 software and cloud storage deals both for themselves plus many other cloud storage providers as soon as they start to emerge!

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