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mediafire review featured image

MediaFire Review

Not only does MediaFire make file sharing easy, but with a 10GB free account providing unlimited bandwidth for file downloads, it has become a popular choice for many who regularly share large files across the internet.

icedrive review featured image

IceDrive Review

An easy-to-use and visually appealing interface coupled with a great secure file sharing system, optional client-side encryption plus a generous 10GB of free storage make this an interesting proposition for both business and personal users alike.

idrive review - featured image

iDrive Review

iDrive is a comprehensive cloud offering, one providing secure cloud storage which is backed-up by many other related features including cloud backup software, secure file sharing and synchronisation plus smartphone apps for iOS and Android amongst many others.

tresorit review - featured image

Tresorit Review [Secure Cloud Storage]

Tresorit is one of the leading security focused cloud storage operators, one with a clear commitment to providing secure and privacy-focused cloud storage plus many other cloud related features to both personal and business users alike review featured image Review is one of the leading privacy-focused cloud storage solutions available as of today, one with a strong emphasis on providing highly secure, zero-knowledge encrypted storage alongside an excellent set of secure sharing and team collaboration features

dropbox review - featured image updated for 2023

Dropbox Review

Whilst a leading cloud storage offering in its own right, the real draw to Dropbox for many will be the great range of secure sharing and business collaboration tools it also has on offer, this includes integrations with many 3rd party services such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Office amongst others

mega review featured image

MEGA Review

Since their initial founding alongside back in 2013, MEGA have continued to develop and refine their cloud storage offering with a clear focus on providing some of the highest levels of privacy and data security available

pcloud review featured image

pCloud Review

pCloud is a leading cloud storage provider offering amazing value for money via their lifetime plans. In addition to this, they also offer many advanced features including desktop synchronisation software, zero-knowledge encryption and secure link sharing

internxt review - featured image

Internxt Review

Internxt is a highly secure and privacy focused cloud storage service, a service which places great emphasis on providing a great set of cloud related features alongside highly secure, zero-knowledge encryption with many enhanced privacy features also built-in by default.

proton drive review - featured image

Proton Drive Review

Proton Drive, a new service from the developers behind the secure email service Proton Mail, is a security and privacy focused cloud storage solution offering end-to-end encrypted storage and enhanced privacy by default

idrive e2 review featured image

iDrive e2 Review

iDrive have been well known for providing a great cloud backup software option for a long time and this new venture into S3 compatible cloud not only brings with it their years of cloud storage experience, but also their very competitive pricing approach.

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