CCleaner Review (Free Edition)

CCleaner Review (Free Edition)

Features - 89%
Usability - 90%
Security - 86%
Support - 85%
Pricing - 100%


Very Good

Piriform CCleaner (Free) is a fantastic tool and with the addition of the new Easy Clean module makes this favourite even easier to use and benefit from

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Piriform CCleaner Review (Free)

CCleaner from Piriform is a top rated system cleaning tool which will help keep you PC running at its best. This software has been around for a long time now and is known for its powerful cleaning modules and the powerful privacy protection features also on offer. In this review I’m going to delve a little deeper into the software and see how useful it really is. NB this is the free version of CCleaner I am looking at in this review.


  • Well designed and easy to use software
  • Powerful system cleaning options
  • Good levels of privacy protection
  • Great levels of customisation available
  • NEW Easy Clean mode – making cleaning quick and easy
  • Very powerful registry cleaner
  • Start-up optimiser (Speed up PC boot times)
  • Disk Analyser (find large files taking up space)
  • Drive Wiper module
  • Duplicate finder module (Find and remove any duplicate files)
  • Software updater module (easily keep your application up to date)
  • Lacking Scheduling (available in the Pro version)
  • Lacking automatic cleaning (only in Pro version)
  • Excellent features on offer for free software!


Firstly since CCleaner is free to use software the process of downloading the installer (from here) and installing the software is a quick and simple. There is also no need to register an account as with many other free software providers meaning you can get CCleaner installed and working on your PC with the minimal of fuss!

ccleaner install screen

Once installed you will be greeted by the Easy Clean screen, this is Ccleaner’s new and easy to use “one click” module which should help make keeping a PC clean both quick and simple. Given there is no automatic cleaning or scheduling support in the free version of CCleaner it is nice to see this feature has been included.

ccleaner easy clean home screen

The Easy Clean feature works with a single click and as such uses the default cleaning settings specified under the “options tab”. Here we can specify exactly how deep to clean our system, for example, we can specify which web browsers to target, which cookies might need to be kept and if certain folders should be excluded from cleaning or not. We can also set up many other, more specific options such as only deleting entities in the recycle bin which are older than 24hrs.

ccleaner main settings page

For a more customised clean there is the original Custom Clean screen which allows users to specify, in detail, selected parts of their system and installed applications to be cleaned. This includes specifying different settings for each individual browser (e.g. cookies, download history etc.) in addition to Windows system files, log files, temporary files and so on.

Before cleaning the Customised Clean will perform an analysis and report on what is to be removed and what amount of disk space will be saved, you can then optionally hit “Run Cleaner” to proceed with the cleaning.

ccleaner custom cleaning screen

The registry cleaning module has for a long time being a useful feature of CCleaner and it is good to see it still included in the free version and working as well as ever. Again, not only can you do a full clean of the registry with this module but also have to option to specify which parts of the registry to include and exclude should you so wish.

ccleaner registry cleaning module

Finally CCleaner includes several smaller but still very useful tools, these include:

Start-up Cleaner:

Used to easily select which applications are allowed to start up when Windows does. Reducing which applications can start up automatically can produce a significant improvement in boots up times, especially for those PCs not yet using an SSD drive!

Software Updater:

In the free version of CCleaner this tool allows easy “one-click” updating of many major software packages, should you invest in the Pro version these updates can be applied automatically should you so wish.

Browser Plug-ins:

A module which easily allows you to view and optionally enable / disable any plug-ins across all major web browsers. Not essential but a nice tool to have nonetheless.

Disk Analyzer:

The Disk Analyzer module scans your PC and highlights which files are taking up the most disk space, useful if you are running low on disk space.

Duplicate Finder:

This is a great tool which will scan your PC and locate any duplicate files, great for helping maximise your available disk space!

Secure Drive Wiper:

With this tool you can securely wipe any drive connected to your PC, useful if you wish to re-provision an external hard drive for example.


CCleaner features several options to help maintain the privacy and the security of your device, this mainly focuses on securing web browsers to ensure tracking cookies, downloads and recently typed URLs are all removed across all of your browsers.


Piriform provide very detailed documentation for CCleaner via their website, there is also a community forum for more in-depth technical support.


Piriform CCleaner (Free) is, well, free!


Piriform CCleaner (Free) is a fantastic tool and with the addition of the new Easy Clean module makes this favourite even easier to use and benefit from. Aside from Easy Clean the original cleaning module still exists meaning a very customisable clean can be performed on the system as it can with the registry as well.

The additional tools including the duplicate file finder, start-up analyser and browser plugin viewer amongst others make CCleaner an invaluable tool to help keep your PC clean and help maintain online privacy!

All in all highly recommended for every PC!

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