Upgraded 5GB Free Storage at Proton Drive

Proton have just announced they will be upgrading their free Proton Drive cloud storage offering from 1GB in total storage to a very generous 5GB of cloud storage overall (this comprises of a maximum of 5GB in Proton Drive itself and 1GB maximum in Proton Mail).

proton drive 5gb upgrade - post featured

This is a great upgrade to see applied to all free Proton Drive plans (for both new and existing users) and a move which will bring the Proton secure cloud storage service more in line with free offerings from other encrypted providers including Sync.com (with 5GB free), Internxt (with 10GB free), MEGA.IO (with 20GB free) and Tresorit (with 3GB free) amongst various others.

About Proton Drive

For anyone not yet familiar with Proton and their full range of privacy focused cloud services, Proton Drive is a secure cloud storage service built with a focus on providing users with the highest levels of privacy and data security. These high levels of privacy and security are delivered, in-part, thanks to the service itself applying full end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption to all data stored upon it, by default, alongside various other security focused features which are available across all Proton Drive plans (including the now upgraded 5GB free plan).

proton drive 5gb upgrade - proton drive web details

Some other stand out features of Proton Drive include secure (password protected) file sharing capabilities, encrypted file search functionality, highly usable desktop software available for Windows and macOS devices (alongside apps for iOS and Android smartphones) plus the use and development of secure open-source software for powering the service itself.

NB – For more in-depth information on Proton Drive, their premium offerings and the newly upgraded 5GB free plan, be sure to read my full Proton Drive review right here on BestBackupReviews.com!

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