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Acronis True Image 2021
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    Acronis True Image (now on version 2021) is well know as a leading player in the PC backup world, it features everything needed to fully protect a PC against data loss making use of both local storage and cloud backup. EaseUS ToDo Backup (Home version), despite performing very well in our recent testing, is less well known as a backup option yet still features many of the same tools and functionality as True Image.

    Both of these applications allow both file and image based backups to be taken and both also have options for backing up data to the cloud, on the surface at least this puts them on a very similar footing. In this comparison I will put both of these very highly rated applications side by side and see how they compare against each other, this will be done on key features including usability, security, pricing and support.

    This cloud be a very interesting comparison and I’m keen to see how both applications fare, so let’s go!

    Key Features

    Both True Image and ToDo Backup feature file-level and image-level backups as a core function of how they protect data, they also both allow for potentially unlimited file version retention and this is available across both Windows and MacOS operating systems for both applications. Both applications are also available on either a subscription basis or via the purchase of a perpetual licence (meaning a single one-off purchase, although not eligible for upgrades to the latest version as are the subscriptions).

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    Pricing $59.99 (Perpetual) & Subscriptions from $49.99 / Year $59 (Perpetual) & Subscriptions from $29.95 / Year
    Unlimited Storage *
    Unlimited File Versions *
    PC / Mac Software
    Smartphone Apps
    File Sharing
    Secure File Sync.
    Multi-factor Authentication
    Free Trial Available (30 Days) (30 Days)

    * Acronis does support unlimited version retention and storage when using your own storage, when using the Acronis cloud this is limited to 6 months and a fixed storage allocation of at least 500GB.

    As can be seen above, we are at the core dealing with two very similar applications! True Image 2021 does have a slight advantage over ToDo Backup in that it provides users with access to a free smartphone app and allows file sharing and desktop synchronisation for those on certain subscriptions levels featuring access to the Acronis cloud (but unfortunately not the most basic subscription level nor the perpetual licence which lacks this functionality).

    Whilst ToDo Backup Home doesn’t have a smartphone app nor the synchronisation or sharing options of Acronis (or their own cloud storage service for that matter), they do provide support for third party cloud providers including Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive (something Acronis does not have). As such if you want to make use of your own existing cloud storage ToDo Backup might be the more cost effective option.

    acronis true image vs easeus todo backup pricing comparison

    Both providers offer 30 day trial periods meaning you can easily try both pieces of software for yourselves, follow these links to get a free trial from either Acronis True Image or EaseUS ToDo Backup.

    Overall I think these services are fairly evenly matched in most regards, I do however feel that by allowing customers to integrate their own cloud storage and the slightly cheaper pricing (including lifetime upgrades on the perpetual licence) give EaseUS ToDo Backup Home a (very) slight edge here!

    Winner: EaseUS ToDo Backup (Home)


    Usability is, of course, a key consideration when choosing backup software, not only must backup software be easy to use and navigate but also easy for users to understand their application and be confident that their data is being securely backed up.

    Both True Image 2021 and ToDo Backup Home are easy to install, configure and as such both provide for a quick and easy first backup experience. Both tools allow users to take image based or file-based backups, create multiple backup sets and both have great scheduling tools making automatic backups easy to configure.

    true image vs todo backup home installers

    Furthermore, for any users making use of the image-based backup functionality, both tools allow for recovery media to be built and burned to a DVD / USB flash drive. Thsi recovery media means that in the event that a PC which is protected by either of these applications doesn’t start or is subject to a hard disk failure it can still, be recovered thanks to such recovery media (and a new disk “imaged” if necessary).

    Acronis True Image does have a small advantage in that it is the only application of the two which allows for web based access (recovery) of backed up files. ToDo Backup users could (technically) still do this although it would be via the third party cloud providers website and be reliant on encryption not being used on the backup set which is not recommended. True Image 2021 is also the only application of the two to offer customers mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

    acronis review logo easeus best backup software logo
    Web Browser Access
    iOS / Android Apps
    Automatic (Real Time) Backups
    Image Backups
    Bandwidth Throttling
    Backup External HDDs
    Recovery via shipped HDD
    Local Archive Storage
    Recovery Media Builder

    As can be seen in the table above, both tools have a similar set of usability features with True Image developing a small edge thanks to the inclusion of smartphone apps and web based access (recovery) of files.

    Winner: Acronis True Image 2021


    Good security is obviously an important consideration whenever files are being backed up, especially when stored on portable media such as external hard drives or on third party cloud storage. As such it is good to see both services taking data security seriously and both offering customers to ability to apply zero knowledge 256bit AES encryption to their backup sets locally.

    acronis review logo easeus best backup software logo
    Multi-factor Authentication
    End-to-End Encryption

    As can be seen above, both applications provide their users with the option to password protect their backups, this means they make use of strong 256bit AES encryption on all files before any data ever leaves you computer, be it to a local device or onto the cloud.

    acronis true image vs easeus todo backup security

    With encryption aside Acronis do go further on the security front by offering users the ability to turn on a fully functional anti-virus application which is built into the application itself. This is only fully active on the subscription plans (not the perpetual licence) and is backed up with other security tools including an anti-ransomware tool and video conference protection to boot.

    Whilst both tools perform very well on basic backup security (i.e. offering strong file encryption) the additional security tools offered in True Image 2021 give Acronis a definite edge in this category

    Winner: Acronis True Image 2021


    Both Acronis and EaseUS offer multiple, convenient support options including detailed knowledge bases, FAQ sections and ticket /email based support options.

    acronis review logo easeus best backup software logo
    Online Knowledge Base
    Ticket / Email Support
    Live Chat
    Support Forum
    Phone Support

    As can be seen above, both Acronis and EaseUS provide very detailed support portals featuring extensive documentation and FAQ sections amongst other related resources. EaseUS, it could be said, do go just a little bit further by offering live chat support although Acronis do have a very useful community based support forum in contrast.

    acronis true image vs easeus todo backup support

    In this section it is very difficult to separate the two, not only this but I would say that both providers are very good at supporting their products and most likely any problem you might encounter can be solved via one of the respective support portals very quickly and easily.

    Winner: Draw


    As was mentioned in the key features section, both of these providers offer their software on a perpetual licence basis alongside the option to subscribe on an annual basis for continued support and upgrades.

    EaseUS sell their lifetime perpetual licence for $59 per PC and a one year subscription to the software for $29.95 / year or $39.95 for 2 years (again, per PC).

    Acronis offer a perpetual licence to True Image 2021 for $59.99 with the basic subscription service starting at $49.99. Two other subscription plans featuring the previously mentioned security technologies are available at $89.99 with 500GB cloud included and $124.99 with 1TB of cloud included.

    acronis review logo easeus best backup software logo
    Price (per Device) $59.99 (Perpetual)* $59 (Perpetual)*
    Additional Pricing $49.99 / 1 Year
    $89.99 / 1 Yr (+500GB Cloud)
    $124.99 / 1 Yr (+1TB Cloud)
    $29.95 / 1 Year
    $39.95 / 2 years
    Pre-pay Discounts N/A 2 Year Subscription Discount
    ($29.95 1Yr vs $39.95 2Yr)
    Business / Team Plan N/A N/A
    Free Quota N/A N/A
    Free Trial (30 Days) (30 Days)

    *EaseUS offer free lifetime upgrades with their perpetual licence, Acronis offer perpetual licencing for a specified version only.

    As can be seen in the table above, both providers offer a similar product and at a similar price, EaseUS do offer slightly cheaper subscriptions but it must be kept in mind that Acronis do include cloud storage and additional security tools in some of theirs (EaseUS users must also use third party cloud).

    acronis true image vs easeus todo backup pricing comparison

    With the above in mind it is very difficult to separate the two here, if having cloud storage bundled into a subscription is important then Acronis True Image is the way to go, if a slightly cheaper subscription is more important and / or you wish to make use of your own cloud storage subscription then EaseUS might be a better choice.

    Winner: Draw


    I really like both True Image 2021 and EaseUS ToDo Backup Home, they are essentially very similar applications but both taking a slightly different approach to solving the same problem.

    One the one hand True Image 2021 bundles in cloud storage and security tools such as anti-virus for those that want more of an “all-in-one” application to secure their PC and data together. On the other hand EaseUS still retains the core functionality of True Image but with slightly cheaper pricing and the ability to use your own cloud storage should you so wish.

    Based on the categories above, thanks mainly to the included security tools and usability features such as inclusion of smartphone apps and file synchronisation via the Acronis cloud, this has to be a win for Acronis. EaseUS is still a very credible alternative and I would advise at least looking at the trial versions of both applications if you have the time prior to making a decision!

    Overall Verdict: Acronis True Image 2021

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