EaseUS Partition Master Review

EaseUS Partition Master Review

Features - 93%
Usability - 95%
Security - 94%
Support - 92%
Pricing - 94%


Very Good

Partition Master is a comprehensive partition management suite available in both free and professional versions, one which has been refined over the years into what is now a feature rich yet still very easy to use disk management utility.

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EaseUS Partition Master

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    EaseUS Partition Master is an easy to use disk and partition management suite, ideal for many of the more advanced disk maintenance, partitioning, cloning and migration tasks which are not covered by the default disk management tools found within popular operating systems in-use as of today.

    Available for both Windows PC and MacOS users and in a free and Professional versions, Partition Master is an essential tool for anyone wanting to keep on top of many of the important disk maintenance tasks such as adjusting and formatting partitions as well as in cloning and migrating active systems to new hardware (including optimising for SSDs along the way).

    Not only does EaseUS Partition Master offer a great set of core tools and features, but backing this up is an application which is very easy to use, fully re-tuned to support Windows 11, and featuring well designed wizard interfaces which make tasks such as migrating Windows and extending partitions as simple and user friendly as is possible.

    With all of the above in mind, its time to install EaseUS Partition Master and see how well it performs on my own PC – Let’s go!

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    Key Features

    • (New) Support for merging non-adjacent partitions
    • (New) Overhauled, easy to use interface
    • (New) Support for re-sizing NTFS formatted partitions
    • Well designed & easy to use disk management software
    • Extensive partitioning functionality (inc. create, split, merge, extend, shrink etc.)
    • Disk cloning and system migration tools (including SSD optimisation)
    • Specialist disk layout tool – adjust 1+ partitions at the same time
    • Bootable media builder (Run Partition Master before Windows starts)
    • Specialist cleaning and disk maintenance tools included
    • Free and Professional versions available
    • Professional version (with lifetime upgrades) priced @ $69.95

    Partition Master Free vs Pro

    Partition Master is currently available in two different versions, these are the free to use Partition Master Free and the premium version, Partition Master Professional.

    * Note that a Server version of Partition master is also available, although given this is (as the name implies) designed for business / IT usage on servers, I will not be including it in this review.

    Starting off with the free version of Partition Master and we see a piece of software fully updated to support the new Windows 11 and capable of assisting PC users with many of the most common disk management and disk partitioning tasks they might encounter in everyday use of their PC.

    Such supported tasks in the free version include:

    • Creating and formatting new partitions
    • Deleting partitions & Secure wiping of disks
    • Adjusting, moving and resizing of partitions
    • Splitting / Merging multiple partitions into one
    • Support for SSD 4K alignment
    • Converting disks and partitions (e.g. MBR to GPT)
    • Checking of partitions and attempting to fix issues
    • Limited to working on disks of up to 8TB
    • Limited to working on basic (non dynamic) volumes

    Whilst this is, in general, a very useful set of tools and functionalities available in the free version of Partition master, there are some important things to note. Firstly the free version does not support disks of more than 8TB in size nor does it support working on any Windows disks which have been changed from basic to dynamic volume structures.

    We also see a lack of many of the other, non-core partitioning tools in the free version, this includes missing tools such as the Migrate OS tool (for migrating an entire Windows system to a new disk or SSD drive) as well as the bootable recovery media builder and the partition recovery tool amongst many others.

    As stated above, the Professional version brings much more functionality to the table including many of the useful features missing from the free version.

    Additional features available in EaseUS Partition Master Professional include:

    • Support for unlimited hard disk capacity (8TB limit exists in free version)
    • Support for both basic and dynamic volumes
    • More advanced partitioning tools
    • Partition recovery and intelligent adjustment tools
    • Migrate OS (full system migration tool set)
    • WinPE based bootable media builder
    • Command line tools
    • Plus much more!

    As is clear from the two lists above, whilst the free version does a good job of covering the basic disk and partition management tools which might be required by the average PC user, it is the Professional version which brings with it the real power for managing and optimising disks and partitions toan advanced level. With this in mind, I will be focusing more on the Professional version of Partition Master for the remainder of my review!

    * Note that a full comparison of the two versions can be found on the EaseUS Partition Master website itself, click here to visit the Partition Mater Free webpage where the two versions can be compared side-by-side.

    Partition Master Usability

    In this section of my review I will be looking at Partition Master in more detail, this includes downloading and installing the software for myself and then trying out many of the disk and partition management tools and functionalities it has on offer.

    This begins in the next section with the installation and then moves on to performing several common disk management tasks including managing and optimising disks and partitions, copying, cloning and migrating of disks and partitions, security and the wiping of disks and then finally, looking at some other useful features within the software.

    Installing EaseUS Partition Master

    Installing EaseUS Partition Master begins at the EaseUS Website where either the full free version can be downloaded or, alternatively, a free trial of the Professional version (which I will be focusing on here). At just over 2MB on the day of my testing, the installer was a very quick and easy download and I had the installer running on my PC just a few seconds later (although the installer software does appear to download a further 67MB during the installation process itself).

    easeus partition master installer running

    With the additional downloading complete, the installation itself was finished soon afterwards and was, overall, a very easy to use and stress free task. Once completed, there is no need to register any personal or payment details for either the free version or the Professional trial which means we can get straight into using the software at this point.

    partition master initial suite view

    As can be seen above we are greeted by the clean, new, user-friendly dashboard in this latest version of Partition Master (currently version 16), a dashboard which makes accessing all of the main areas within the software simple, easy and fast, great work so far!

    In the next section I will be looking at some of the most popular disk and partition management tools and then after that moving on to some of the disk cloning, cleaning and migration tools which we also see available in this version.

    Disk and Partition Management

    Partition management is (of course) one of the main functions of Partition Master and it is here we find a full suite of tools capable of extending the very basic partitioning tools available in the Windows operating system itself. This starts off in the Partition Master window (opened form the initial “suite” window) where we can find the full range of partitioning tools available:

    partition master initial partitioning tool view

    * Note that whilst Windows itself does feature some partitioning tools (found within the “Disk Management” utility within Windows 10), these tools are very basic and lacking some of the more advanced functionality within Partition Master, for example, being able to re-order the partitions on a disk!

    As can be seen above, when entering the main partitioning tool for the first time we see all current disks and partitions listed in the centre of the window with the available tools and options available via the menus on the top and right side of the window (those available on the right will keep adjusting in light of the currently selected disk or partition). Starting off with one of the most commonly used tasks, in this case extending or shrinking an existing partition, we can see below that we can begin by selecting the partition to be worked on in the main pane and then choosing “Resize/Move” from the right menu:

    partition master move or resize partition

    Once in the move / resizing screen (as can be seen above) we can begin the task of resizing any of the existing partitions already on the disk, this can be done by moving the graphical slider or simply entering the desired size in the box just below. We can also make use of this screen for re-ordering the position of any partitions on the disk, this can be done by simply dragging and dropping the partition in question using the same graphical slider as for resizing.

    partition master moving partition

    With the partition resizing and movement changes now specified, we must close the tool and click on the “Execute” button (on the top menu) to actually perform the work, a practice which is common when using many popular brands of partition management software (this can be seen below):

    partition master - execute button on toolbar

    With the partition now adjusted, we can also make use of some other partitioning tasks within Partition Master, this begins with the creation of a new partition as can be seen below:

    partition master creating new partition

    As above, when using the new partition building tool we have the option to specify the size of the partition ourselves or simply go with the default (whereby Partition Master will automatically size the partition to make use of all available space on the disk). As can be seen below, we also have the option to specify several other options for the partition including setting of a Windows drive letter and partition label, the file system for the partition to be formatted with and (if necessary) advanced options such as the cluster size to be used.

    Other useful options in this section of the application include being able to convert disks between MBR and GPT (and back again) as well as converting between basic and dynamic disk types within Windows (and again, visa versa when necessary).

    partition manager dynamic disk menu

    * Note that switching to a dynamic disk type can be beneficial in certain circumstances, for example, when wanting to have more than 4 primary partitions or make use of special “volumes” which can, for example, span across several drives when needed. Basic disks, on he other hand can still have some advantages, this includes being easily able to set-up a PC for dual booting different operating system (amongst other things). As such, the ability to switch between the two (as found in Partition Master) is a very useful feature to have.

    Whilst some of the basic partitioning and formatting tools found here are included in Windows itself, Partition Master takes things a lot further and provides advanced functionality such as the ability to re-position partitions on a disk and easily switch between dynamic and basic disks (and back again) as the situation might dictate. In the next section of this review I will be looking at some of the cloning, copying and migration functionality within EaseUS Partition Master.

    Disk Cloning, Copying & Migration

    Cloning an entire disk or partition is an incredibly useful option to have when managing and maintaining a Windows PC, for example, should you want to add a new (larger) disk to your existing PC then such functionality can help in simply migrating partitions (or entire disks) away from the existing hardware and onto the new (freeing up potentially very valuable disk space along the way).

    partition master clone partition tool

    As can be seen above, the disk & partition copying tool allows quick and easy copying of either an entire disk, or simply a full partition on said disk to another disk (note how we can switch this tool to being disk based or partition based using the buttons at the top of the window). Thanks to this tool, Partition Master makes this copying function as simple as selecting the source disk or partition to be copied, then the target device (which might be a new or existing disk) and then finally by using the “execute” button found on the top menu to start the process of copying.

    Moving on from the basic disk and partition cloning tool (seen above) and we also have another, more sophisticated tool capable of migrating an entire active Windows system to a new disk with little more than just a couple of clicks – this is the “Migrate OS” tool.

    partition master migrate os - choose target disk

    As can be seen above, when making use of the Migrate OS tool we simply need to select the source disk and then the target disk to receive the new operating system image. With the disks selected, the Migrate OS wizard will then automatically attempt to adjust the existing system partition size to fill any available space on the new disk (especially useful when upgrading to a larger disk or SSD), we can, however, also make use of the ‘advanced’ mode to specify a certain size of partition on the target disk should we need to.

    easeus partition master - migrate os editing target partition

    As can be seen above, we have the option to allow the software to auto-fit the existing (active) OS to a new disk and automatically make use of any free space on a larger disk, we can also opt to keep the disk space being used the same as it is on the source disk at present or manually specify a partition size (within limits) should we need to do so.

    * Tools such as the Migrate OS tool (which is mentioned above) are often one of the major reasons for owning such partition management software for many PC users. In the case that you wish to upgrade your system to a newer and faster disk drive (including an SSD variant) then tools such as this can help make this a quick, easy and painless process!

    With both the cloning of individual disks and partitions, as well as the special migration tool (for automatically copying an active Windows system to a new disk) now covered, we can begin looking at some of the cleaning and security focused tools found within Partition Master in the next section.

    Cleaning & Security Tools

    The cleaning and security tools found within EaseUS Partition Master start in the main partitioning tool itself (as we have already seen in the above sections). From within this tool we can not only delete selected (or indeed all) partitions on any given disk, but also make use of special tools to overwrite the existing data a specified number of times on any given partition to help ensure the deletion is as secure as possible.

    partition master wipe data tool

    * Secure wiping of disks and partitions is essential when disposing of or selling of old PC hardware! Both deleting and then overwriting of the existing data on a disk is one of the most effective ways of ensuring any data is not only deleted but also that recovery with the help of specialist data recovery tools is also next to impossible!

    As can be seen in the above image, simply select either a whole disk or individual partition in the main pane of the Partitioning application and the software will offer the “Wipe Data” tool via the right side menu. There aren’t any options available within this tool other than to simply specify the number of overwriting passes being used (the more the better), after this number has been selected the task can be executed and the software simply left to perform this task in the background.

    Moving over to the PC cleaning front and we see that EaseUS have included (for free) a fully functional system cleaning module into the Partition Master application itself (this is the CleanGenius tool, available via the initial suite homepage as can be seen below):

    partition master suite - pc cleaning tool

    Once in the CleanGenius tool we can scan and clean any junk found on the PC, this includes areas such as the Windows registry, any old system files, and any plug-ins in selected browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox and Chrome. Moving on within this tool and we see the “Privacy” tool, ideal for identifying any privacy related issues within the system itself (including temporary internet files, browsing cookies and the Windows run history amongst many other factors affecting a typical Windows PC).

    partition master privacy cleaning results

    Moving on with the CleanGenius tool and we see (under the optimisation tab) we have the option to further enhance the performance of our PC beyond that of the simple Windows system and privacy based cleaning options looked at so far.

    Finally, this look at the DiskGenius tool concludes with the software uninstaller component and the Windows 11 comparability checker, both of which are found towards the bottom of the left side menu within the tool. Whilst the ability to delete and securely wipe disks and partitions will be the key security features of such an application, it is nice to see EaseUS have additionally included what is a very capable PC cleaning tool free of charge within the Partition master package!

    Other Tools & Features

    Finally, in this section covering the usability of Partition Master, I will look at some of the other miscellaneous tools included within the application and how they might assist in managing the disks and partitions which make up a Windows PC.

    partition master disk surface checker

    This starts off with some of the disk and partition checking tools included within Partition Master, this includes the Surface Checking tool (as can be seen above), a tool which will physically check and attempt to repair any bad sectors on a disk alongside the Check File System tool, a tool which focuses more on checking and repairing the file system itself.

    Moving on and another important feature included within EaseUS Partition Master is the partition recovery tool, a tool which will list and scan all attached disks and attempt to locate (and recover) any partitions which might otherwise be lost or damaged.

    partition master partition recovery tool

    Finally, should you have trouble booting into Windows or need to perform some disk or partition related tasks before the operating system itself boots up, then the Partition Master recovery media builder can be used to create a Windows (WinPE) based recovery disk. Once built, this tool will allow any core disk and partitioning tasks to be completed pre Windows boot within the Partition Master software itself.

    Partition Master Security

    One of the most important security related functions of partition management software is the ability to safely and securely wipe any disks and partitions which have been in-use on an active system. Such secure wiping should involve not only deleting but also the overwriting of the data with garbage (or 0’s) to ensure any deleted data is very difficult (or impossible) to recover with the help of specialist tools.

    * Remember, overwriting data on any old or unused hard disks is one of the best ways of ensuring such data remains private and secure if the disk is ever lost or otherwise disposed of.

    EaseUS Partition Master does include specialist disk and partition wiping tools (via the main partition management tool) and with this the option to overwrite any existing data a specified number of times to help ensure maximum data security should the disk be disposed of or used in another system elsewhere.

    Other security and privacy related functionality can be found in the included CleanGenius tool, from within this add-on tool we can clear any potentially sensitive data form the system including old browsing data and cookies alongside several other privacy enhancing functions which are made available.

    EaseUS Support

    EaseUS have a comprehensive online support portal which includes:

    • Online documentation for all products
    • Detailed FAQ sections
    • A detailed knowledge base
    • Online options for contacting the EaseUS support team

    The EaseUS support team can be contacted via email or web chat if any further technical support is required as well as via a phone number listed on the website for any sales related assistance.

    EaseUS Partition Master Pricing

    EaseUS Partition Master is available in a highly functional free version alongside a fully functional Professional version which retails at various price points from $29.95 onwards. The full pricing options for Partition Master Professional are as follows:

    • Monthly subscription – $29.95 per device / per month
    • Yearly subscription – $49.95 per device / per year
    • Lifetime purchase (including free upgrades) – $69.95 one-time payment

    Whilst the free version is indeed a good tool, Partition Maser Professional does bring with it a lot more functionality and could be worth the investment if you find yourself needing to perform such disk management tasks on a regular basis. With this being said, as far as I am concerned personally, the Lifetime licence is the only good value choice here given that it is only $20 more than the annual option and generally very good value for a lifetime licence with free upgrades included.

    * Visit the EaseUS website to download the free version of Partition Master or make use of the Professional version free trial

    EaseUS Partition Master FAQ

    Yes, a free version of Partition Master does exist and can be downloaded from the EaseUS website. A more comprehensive professional version featuring more advanced tools and functionality is also available.

    Partition Master is a specialist tool which allows PC users to adjust the partitions on any disks attached to their PC, this includes common partitioning tasks such as resizing, shrinking, moving and merging. Many other useful functionality also exists within Partition Master including the ability to securely wipe disks and migrate an active operating system over to new hardware (including SSD drives) amongst other things.

    Yes, Partition Master is a well built and reliable partition management application featuring many useful disk and partitioning tools all for free! Should you require more powerful disk or partition management functionality than is available in the free version then a more powerful professional also exists (and has virtually every partitioning related function that most PC users might ever require).

    EaseUS Partition Master Review Summary

    Partition Master is a comprehensive disk management suite which has been refined over the years into what is now a feature rich yet still very easy to use disk and partition management utility.

    Offering a very competent free version alongside a fully featured Professional version, the tool itself provides a great set of features for those wanting something quick and free for basic tasks whilst also providing access to a very wide range of advanced features in the Professional version. It is also nice to see EaseUS have extended the core Partition Master offering by also including (for free) the CleanGenius system cleaning utility, a tool which makes regular cleaning of a PC easy and also helps in maintaining privacy along the way.

    At just $69.95 for a lifetime licence (amongst other pricing options), the Professional version of this tool is fairly priced and potentially a very good investment for anyone who finds themselves regularly adjusting disks and partitions or simply wanting to get the best out of their PC.

    Overall, a solid tool with plenty of disk and partitioning options to make use of alongside a very reasonable lifetime pricing option for the Professional version – good job EaseUS!

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