Ashampoo WinOptimizer 19 Review

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 19 Review

Features - 99%
Usability - 98%
Security - 97%
Support - 93%
Pricing - 94%



WinOptimizer 19 provides in-depth PC cleaning, maintenance, enhanced privacy and optimization features. Support for up to 10 PCs on a single licence also makes this application very good value!

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WinOptimizer 19

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    * Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 is now out – Check out our review by clicking here! *

    Released in May 2021, WinOptimizer 19 is the latest version of the popular PC cleaning and optimization tool from software developers Ashampoo!

    As always, WinOptimizer 19 provides in-depth PC cleaning, system maintenance and optimization with an emphasis on both automation and providing the maximum cleaning performance with ease. In addition to this mainstay functionality, WinOptimizer 19 also provides a whole whole host of smaller tools ideal for boosting PC performance and helping to maintain user privacy and PC security, as such, WinOptimizer has become a “go to” tool for many serious PC users.

    I last reviewed WinOptimizer 18 in 2020 and was very impressed with what I believe is a market leading, all-in-one PC optimization suite. Its great to see that Ashampoo are continuing to build upon this solid framework and improve this tool even further, as such I’m looking forwards to testing WinOptimizer 19 today and getting it installed on my own PCs, let’s go!

    Key Features

    • (New) Fully up-to-date cleaning tools
    • (New) Completely overhauled 1-Click Optimizer
    • (New) Auto emptying of recycle bin
    • (New) Improved user interface
    • (New) Boot time analysis and acceleration
    • 1 x single licence now covers up to 10PCs!
    • Very well designed, convenient and easy to use
    • Powerful scheduling system and automatic operation
    • Game Booster -live tuning to optimise video games performance
    • 1-Click Optimizer – optimise your PC with a single click
    • Powerful real-time optimisation tools boost performance on the fly
    • System analyser and benchmarking tools
    • Extensive web browser cleaning and privacy tools
    • Plus (lots) more system utility tools built in
    • Excellent value, especially with the new 10PC licence!

    WinOptimizer 19 Usability

    What’s New in WinOptimizer 19

    Ashampoo have clearly been busy over the last 12 months running up to the launch of WinOptimizer 19, this includes making numerous improvements and additions to the core features of the WinOptimizer application itself.

    Notable improvements include a complete overhaul to the 1-Click Optimization tool, fully up to date cleaners (optimised for the latest versions of Windows), a system boot-up accelerator, an auto-emptying recycle bin and numerous improvements to the privacy protection and web browser plugin management tools amongst many other things.

    One of the most important improvements which needs to be mentioned is the upgrading of all of the integrated PC cleaning modules, these are the tools which scan you system and actually remove any unwanted or unnecessary “junk” therefore leading to a more optimised PC. As Windows itself evolves, receives ever more updates and generally introduces new ways of working, it is important that the tools used to clean and maintain this system also keep up!

    Another very important tool which has been completely overhauled in version 19 is the 1-Click Optimizer. The 1-Click Optimizer is without doubt one of the most important tools within WinOptimizer and is the “go to” tool that makes cleaning and optimizing your entire PC (to a very good standard) as simple as just clicking on the 1-click button. Of course, there are multiple other tools within WinOptimizer which allow for a very in-depth clean to be performed but (as I have) most users will probably find this their go-to tool for quickly giving their PC a boost with the minimal of effort.

    winoptimizer 19 1-click optimizer screen

    Other notable improvements include the privacy protection tools which have also been built upon and improved (and now extend both to web browsing and Windows telemetry) as well as the improved memory usage of the application itself making for a less invasive cleaning and optimizing experience altogether.

    Installing WinOptimizer 19

    As with all Ashampoo software titles, the installation of WinOptimizer 19 was quick and easy, this starts with the downloading of the free WinOptimizer installer from the Ashampoo website (Click Here to download Ashampoo WinOptimizer 19).

    Once running, the installer will take only a few moments and a couple of clicks to have the installation completed, in fact, the only difficult decision you will need to make during the install is which one of the two colour schemes offered by WinOptimizer to go with!

    winoptimizer 19 choose colour scheme

    With the colour scheme chosen, the software will then load up and be ready for use, at this point you must then activate your licence or, if you are testing the software out, click here to take advantage of the full 10 day free trial (which will be extended to 30 days if you choose to register for a free Ashampoo account during this install).

    winoptimizer 19 register software

    And with this the software is installed and ready to use! Next, I will continue my review with a look at some of the excellent cleaning functionality of WinOptimizer 19 before moving on to the improved 1-Click Optimizer and then some of the many other performance optimization tools.

    PC Cleaning Tools

    A core feature of WinOptimizer 19 is its ability to perform a deep clean of your PC, this includes removing any unnecessary files, registry entries, browsing traces and broken application links amongst many other things which can, over time, hamper the performance of a PC and reduce available disk space.

    winoptimizer 19 initial home screen analysis

    To start cleaning we can take advantage of the new “Clean” dashboard which is found on the left side menu within the application, from here we can easily see, at a glance, what the state our PC is in and, in turn, what can be cleaned up and optimized further.

    winoptimizer 19 initial clean page view

    Such analysis is performed automatically by WinOptimizer once we open this dashboard up and, once this analysis is completed, will provide an overview of what can be cleaned up on the PC. The main sections analysed here are the Windows registry, web browsing and any unnecessary files residing on the PC, a “show details” button is available for each of these sections which provides more information on exactly what will be cleaned up in each section.

    winoptimizer 19 clean - more details settings

    Once in this details screen we can, should we need to, fine-tune what is to be cleaned in each section whilst the cleaning tools are running, this is done using the “settings” button found at the bottom of the screen. Once in this settings page we can select which entries should or shouldn’t be included in the cleaning as well as specifying which, if any, files, folders and even entire drives should be excluded from the cleaning.

    This same process can be followed to fine-tune the settings for the registry cleaner and Internet Cleaner modules also. The Internet Cleaner settings in particular are also fully modular thus allowing a separate set of cleaning rules to be applied individually to each installed browser (which is a very useful and well thought out way of doing this).

    winoptimizer 19 clean browsers more details page

    Once the cleaning analysis has been done in this “Clean” section and the settings fine-tuned, each section can then be cleaned individually using the “Delete” button to the right side of the dashboard.

    Once all cleaning related settings have been configured, we can then also take advantage of the main Overview dashboard which is shown upon first running the application itself. This dashboard provides a more detailed view of each section of the PC which might need to be cleaned and, with a single click of the optimise button, allows such cleaning to be performed.

    winoptimizer 19 main dashboard cleaner

    In addition to the main dashboard, once all cleaning related settings have been configured, it is possible to take advantage of the powerful automation tools which Ashampoo have built into the software. For example, the “Automatic” dashboard (which can be easily accessed from the left side menu) allows the switching on of the Auto-Clean module which will work continuously in the background keeping the system as clean as is possible with minimal disruption to the PC.

    winoptimizer 19 auto-clean module

    Finally, both of the cleaning tools found on the “Clean” dashboard and the full set of optimisation tools found on the home screen can be run on a set schedule thanks to the powerful built-in scheduling tool. This scheduling tools allows PC users to elect which set of tools are to be run and on what schedule, for example, running the One Click Optimiser tool daily at 4pm like below:

    winoptimizer 19 task scheduler

    The One-Click Optimizer

    One of the most useful attributes of WinOptimizer 19 is undoubtedly its ability to perform a full system clean with just a single click, for this Ashampoo have built the 1-Click Optimiser tool.

    winoptimizer 1-click optimizer scanning

    Once any cleaning settings have been configured as you would like them, the PC can be cleaned quickly and efficiently using this very effective and easy to use tool. Simply select the 1-Click tool from the “All Modules” page (as is shown below) or activate by clicking the special desktop shortcut which Ashampoo have made for launching straight into this specific tool (and setting it running as soon as this link is double clicked).

    1-click optimizer launch button

    Once running, the 1-Click Optimizer will run the Internet Cleaner, the Driver Cleaner and the Registry Cleaner modules automatically and take care of making all decisions including deleting any necessary files when applicable. Whilst not a new addition to version 19 per se, it is nice to see this tool is still a key feature of WinOptimizer, still works very well and is and is something Ashampoo continue to refine as times goes on.

    Optimising PC Performance

    In addition to an excellent set of PC cleaning tools, WinOptimizer 19 also features several tools designed to free up system resources and help make your PC run faster and smoother as a result.

    winoptimizer game booster active

    Starting on the “Automatic” dashboard we see the Auto-Clean, Live-Tuner and Game-Booster tools as are pictured above. Each of these tools is designed to run silently in the background and make enhancements to the system in real-time, thus achieving the maximum system performance possible at any given time in the use of your PC.

    The Auto-Clean module is mainly focused upon disk cleaning and helping to maintain privacy, it will work in the background to remove web browser traces as well as other unnecessary files as and when applications are opened, used and closed. The Live-Tuner tool will aim to accelerate application performance and responsiveness by automatically tweaking process priorities with the Game-Booster taking this one step further by actually closing any unnecessary applications and processes considered unnecessary whilst gaming. Once the Game-Booster is turned off again it will then attempt to automatically restore any processes and applications it might have initially closed down.

    Aside from these three featured performance tools, WinOptimizer 19, brings many other more specialised performance boosting tools into the fold, these include:

    Boot Center:

    The Boot Center is a new concept within WinOptimizer 19 and builds upon the start-up tuner available within version 18. Improvements include the monitoring of tasks and applications which run automatically when the PC starts up as well as an overhauled user interface which makes it easy to see the performance of the PC both at start-up and shut down respectively.

    winoptimizer boot center analysis

    SSD Wizard:

    Due to the vastly different ways in which mechanical and a SSD drives work, it is necessary to ensure Windows is optimised to get the best performance and durability from your SSD drive.

    winoptimizer ssd wizard

    The SSD tuning tool allows users, at a glance, to see any any Windows services which might have a detrimental effect on a SSD drive and easily turn them on or off accordingly.

    Internet Tuner:

    The Internet Tuner is another interesting tool which works to optimise the PCs internet connection speed. This optimisation can be done manually or automatically using the auto-optimisation wizard and can help improve performance of certain applications such as internet enabled games.

    Scheduling and Automation

    Whilst there is a very powerful set of cleaning and performance tools within WinOptimizer 19, what makes this tool so useful is the ability to schedule cleaning tasks and perform maintenance and optimisation operations automatically in the background!

    winoptimizer automatic live boosters turned on

    The “Automatic” page, found on the main left menu, is a great place to start when automating PC performance via the three included modules, these are Auto-Clean, Live-Tuner and Game-Booster (as can be seen above). I mentioned these tools a little earlier on but it needs to be pointed out that they are all fully automatic and can be of great help in making sure a PC is optimised in real-time, as such, these tools can give an instant and lasting boost to any PC whilst simply being turned on and left to run in the background.

    winoptimizer daily scheduling options

    Moving on to the main scheduling functionality of WinOptimizer and we can make use of the included Task Scheduler tool to perform system cleaning on a fixed schedule (this is found in the “All Modules” screen). As can be seen above, the scheduling tool allows us to easily set a schedule (e.g. every day or every week) and then run either the 1-click optimisation tool or the “Perform System Maintenance” set of tools found on the home screen automatically.

    Whilst making use of the scheduling tool, any tools which are run will be run with either the default settings from the application or, in cases where the settings have been adjusted, it will make use of these modified settings.

    Enhancing Privacy

    With their WinOptimizer line of software, Ashampoo, have always put a great deal of emphasis on providing top notch privacy tools for PC users. Whilst the cleaning tools mentioned earlier will help maintain privacy by performing tasks such as removing 3rd party cookies and deleting browsing history, WinOptimizer 19 also includes two other tools to help maximise privacy.

    Privacy Manager tool:

    The Privacy Manager tool is a useful addition which allows users to easily configure of all aspects of a Windows system which might compromise privacy. In fact, this privacy tool is so useful it is almost worthy of being a separate piece of software in its own right!

    winoptimizer 19 privacy manager tool

    As can be see from the screen shot above, this tool looks at several key areas of a Windows 10 configuration and for each area provides an easy method of reconfiguring any settings which might compromise security. For example, we can specify which applications can access the Windows telemetry and location data, which apps can have access to the internet and to other networks such as Bluetooth as well as disabling hardware such as allowing applications use of the webcam!

    What’s important to note here is that whilst these settings can be changed without this tool, the convenience in bringing them all together in one place and giving an explanation of each is of great value in my opinion. Bringing all of this together in one easy to use tool also helps PC users easily understand what their current privacy levels are and adjust them accordingly making for a more secure PC!

    Browser Extensions Tool:

    The Browser Extension Manager affords a quick and easy way of seeing all installed browser extensions across multiple installed browsers in a single, easy to read screen.

    winoptimizer 19 uninstall browser extension

    Keeping a check on browser extensions and removing any which are unnecessary or deemed unpopular with help of the built in community ratings for each extension can be of great help in maintaining web browsing privacy. Not only does the Browser extension Manager tool allow for an easy way to see all installed extensions but removing them is as simple as right clicking on the target extension and selecting “uninstall”, no need to open up the browser thus making this process quick and easy.

    Other Useful System Utilities

    Aside from the core cleaning, performance tuning and privacy tools on offer, WinOptimizer 19 provides many other built-in tools to help manage and monitor you system. These tools, as with all of the other tools within WinOptimizer 19, can be accessed via the “All Modules” dashboard found to the left of the application window, some of the more notable tools include:

    File Encryption / Manipulation:

    The File Manipulator tool allows files to be either split up or joined together as well as also encrypted and decrypted as required. Being able to split up large files is very useful when making use of fixed size media such as CDs and DVDs, the file encryption tool is very handy to have and makes securing sensitive files very quick and easy (although make sure you don’t forget your password when using this tool, the data can not be recovered otherwise!)

    Internet Cleaner:

    The Internet Cleaner tool is again found in the All Modules page and will clean up all installed web browsers with just a single click. This cleaning is a part of the main 1-Click Optimizer tool but can be run on its own should you need to via this page.

    System Information:

    This tool is useful for quickly gaining insight into your PCs hardware specifications and the specifications of any attached peripherals.

    winoptimizer system info tool

    System Benchmark:

    The system benchmarking tool shows a brief overview of the PCs hardware configuration and allows a full system benchmark to be established. This can be especially useful when evaluating new hardware components and configurations.

    winoptimizer 19 system benchmarks

    HDD Inspector:

    The HDD Inspector tool allows you to easily see the health status of all attached hard drives including the drive statistics. You can also see the SMART self diagnostic figures for any system drives via this tool.

    Context Menu Manager:

    A useful tool for slimming down your context menus by removing unnecessary entries.

    winoptimizer 19 context menu manager

    WinOptimizer 19 Security

    As well as removing junk, increasing disk space and improving PC performance, WinOptimizer 19 also helps boost the security and privacy of your PC. This is in the form of specialist tools providing file encryption, secure file deletion, advanced browser cleaning, file shredding functionality and ADS (alternate data streams) configuration amongst other things.

    The ADS tool in particular is an interesting addition which checks for hidden information attached to files thus potentially helping to prevent malware infections!

    Ashampoo Support

    Ashampoo have a great support page on their website alongside a comprehensive Q&A section which should be capable of handling most problems you might encounter. Should you still need to get in touch with a support representative you can submit support tickets online.

    WinOptimizer 19 Pricing

    Ashampoo WinOptimizer 19 is priced at $49.99. This is a perpetual licence which now covers up to 10 PCs making it exceptionally good value for large households or anyone who works across multiple PCs.

    Be sure to also check out Ashampoo’s special deals page as they regularly have great deals across their entire range of software (including WinOptimizer 19).

    WinOptimizer 19 Review Summary

    With WinOptimizer 19, Ashampoo continues to build upon its successful PC cleaning and optimisation suite and prove itself as a leading developer of PC cleaning and system maintenance software. Whilst this new version is nothing revolutionary in itself, it does build even further on an already solid framework provided by the previous version whilst bringing many improvements and optimisations along the way.

    One of the biggest improvements is to the suite of PC cleaning tools which have been updated fully to be as powerful as possible and take into account the new features and applications within the latest version of the Windows operating system (including the new Microsoft Edge web browser).

    In addition to this, the 1-click optimization tool, which is by far one of the easiest ways of performing system cleaning and maintenance on a PC, has also been fully revamped meaning it is is now better than ever before!

    All in all a great piece of software which keeps getting better, a great job Ashampoo!

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