NordPass Review

NordPass Review

Features - 90%
Usability - 93%
Security - 94%
Support - 91%
Pricing - 92%


Very Good

NordPass provides a great set of features across both the free and premium editions which include the ability to store unlimited passwords and synchronise multiple personal devices on any NordPass pricing plan

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    NordPass is the versatile, highly usable and security focused password manager offering form Nord Security, the same organisation which is already well known for their market leading VPN solution – NordVPN!

    As a password manager, NordPass really stands out thanks to the great set of highly usable password management features which are integrated into the service by default. Some of these many features include auto-fill logins, highly usable smartphone apps and browser extensions, a secure password generator, secure web vault access, secure cloud storage (up to 3GB on premium accounts) plus the ability to save unlimited passwords and keep multiple devices in sync.

    I last reviewed NordPass back in 2020 and, despite it being a relatively new password manager offering at the time, I was impressed at the versatility it had on offer as well as the clear focus on delivering a secure and reliable product. Time to test NordLocker out again and see how the latest version of this password manager fares in 2023 – vamos!

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    Key Features

    • Highly versatile with a great set of features
    • Zero-knowledge XChaCha20 256-bit encryption
    • Easy to use across web, desktop and smartphone apps
    • Automatic device synchronisation (unlimited devices supported)
    • Plugins available for Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Opera
    • Secure password generator & form auto-fill options
    • Support for Passkeys logins
    • Secure notes & payment card storage support
    • Checks and warns about leaked and compromised accounts
    • Secure password sharing functionality (Premium only)
    • Emergency access provisions (Premium only)
    • Multifactor authentication / 2FA (with FIDO U2F support)
    • Highly functional free account available
    • Premium account (with 3GB vault storage) – from $1.79 / month
    • Fully functional 30-day free trial also available!

    NordPass Usability

    In this section of my review, I will be making use of the NordPass password manager service for myself. This will involve signing up to the 30-day free trial, installing the desktop software, the browser extensions and then the smartphone app before then adding some passwords and logins to NordPass and seeing how the service fares under typical use.

    This work begins at the official NordPass website where a fully functional 30-day free trial of NordPass Premium is available to all new users of the service. Note that a free to register NordPass account is required for making use of the premium trial and that this account will automatically convert into a NordPass free account at the end of the trial period (if a premium licence isn’t purchased in the meantime that is).

    NordPass Free vs NordPass Premium

    Before singing up to the NordPass service for myself, I first want to address the two different NordPass plans which are available (Free and Premium) and hopefully highlight some of the key differences between them.

    nordpass review 2023 - nordpass free vs premium comparision

    NordPass Free:

    NordPass Free is (as the title suggests) the free to use version of NordPass. Despite being free-to-use, this account features a high degree of functionality and most of the core password management functions which are also found in the fully functional NordPass Premium account.

    Core features included in NordPass Free include the ability to save an unlimited number of passwords, make use of autofill and auto capture functionality (capturing new account logins on compatible websites and apps), importing and exporting of passwords plus use of the automatic password generator tools amongst other features. Also provided for free is the ability to automatically synchronise all logins and data between all personal devices which might be connected to the account* as well make use of multifactor authentication to ensure enhanced protection when synchronising any new devices onto the account

    * Whilst the NordPass Free account will support keeping multiple personal devices (including desktop PC’s, tablets and smartphones) automatically in sync with the account, the ability to stay logged-in on more than a single device at a time is reserved to the NordPass Premium account only (which supports being logged-in on a maximum of 6 devices at once).

    NordPass Premium:

    The NordPass Premium account includes everything which is available in the free account whilst also extending certain functionality and even bringing several new tools and features exclusive to premium accounts (or higher) into the mix.

    Starting off with device synchronization and, whilst the free account supports the use of multiple devices which are automatically kept in sync with one another, the NordPass Premium account goes further in supporting up to 6 individual devices which can remain logged-in to the service at any given time (only a single device can be logged in at once on the free plan). Also included in Premium plans is 3GB of secure cloud storage attached to the account, the ability to share passwords with trusted contacts, emergency account access provisions plus use of the data leak protection tool which checks for and warns about any personal logins which might have been exposed on the web.

    NB – Also available is a Family plan which extends these premium plan features across up to 6 individual users for a single fixed account cost (currently priced from $3.69 per month as of time of writing).

    Signing up to NordPass

    Signing up to NordPass begins via the official NordPass website, from here all new users to the service can take advantage of a full 30-day free trial of the premium service (a trial account which will automatically default to the NordPass Free plan if not upgraded by the end of the trial period).

    nordpass review 2023 - nordpass registration form

    As can be seen above, all which is initially required for the free account is a valid email address (we continue further setup in a moment) and, once submitted, NordPass will then automatically direct to a download page where the correct version of the desktop software can be downloaded (a download which started automatically in my particular case after signing up). The installation process for the desktop software was also highly automated, in fact, just a single double-click to set the installer running was all that was required for the install to complete with the software itself then ready just a few moments later.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app new account registration

    As can be seen above, when opening the desktop software for the first time we will have the option to create a new account. Clicking on this new account option will then redirect us to a special webpage where we can enter the email address to be used (again, unfortunately) before being able to then verify the email address and then set a master password for the account (back in the desktop software interface).

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app enter new master password

    After setting the master password, the new account will be ready and the desktop software automatically logged-in and ready to use. As can be seen below, NordPass provide a very useful “Get Started with NordPass” welcome page to explain some of the key features of the service which is a nice addition to see.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app welcome page after login

    Overall, the sign-up process for NordPass is fairly straightforward and, in my own case at least, was completed in just a couple of minutes without too much fuss involved (which included the downloading and installing of the desktop software). Having said this, the email address does need to be entered twice during this process and the need to switch between the desktop app and the web browser during the process could be confusing for some (much better to keep the process entirely in the desktop app or entirely in the web browser in my own personal opinion at least).

    NB – It should also be noted that NordPass only require a working email address and master password from their users in order to take advantage of the 30-day free trial and the subsequent NordPass Free account. This approach of only taking the bare minimum of personal data is a VERY GOOD sign to see and helps reenforce that NordPass are committed to protecting user data and privacy at every opportunity!

    In addition to the desktop software which is installed as a part of the registration process (on a Windows desktop in my own particular case), NordPass also provide access to the service via smartphone apps and web browser extensions, both of which will be covered a little later on in this review.

    Importing & Exporting Passwords

    With the account set-up process now complete, one of the first important tasks when setting up any new password manager (for many, at least) will be the importing of passwords and logins form any existing password managers into the new service. It is good to know that, as with many other top-rated password managers, NordPass provides excellent support for both importing and exporting passwords as a core part of the service on offer.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app import passwords page

    As can be seen above, if we start off by looking at the importing abilities of NordPass then we will initially come across an import page listing many other password management services (including web browsers and dedicated password manager services) which have built-in importing support within NordPass. In my particular example I will be importing passwords form the password manager built into Firefox, but this process is just as easy for many other services including the option to manually upload CSV files for those requiring such an option.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app import passwords from firefox

    As can be seen above, once Firefox is selected as my source for importing passwords form, the next page in the import process will show a selection of the logins which are to be imported. Once these details are confirmed, completing the process is as simple as clicking on “Import” to begin the process, a process which was very fast (almost instantaneous in my case) and saw the passwords imported and ready to be access from within NordPass with the minimal of fuss.

    Moving on to the exporting of passwords and, as was the case when importing, this is very easy to accomplish and begins at the main settings page within the desktop software (as can be seen below).

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app export passwords settings

    After initially entering the master password for the service prior to starting the export process (which is, of course, requested for security), the process is then as simple as selecting a location for the export file to be saved to before the software will complete the task by writing this file (this file being a simple CSV file containing all login details).

    NB – When exporting passwords form a password manager, always be VERY CAREFUL as to how the resulting export file is handled, where it is sorted and how it might possible be accessible by others. Many password managers will simply export a plain text (non-encrypted) file meaning it could expose all of your important passwords if it fell into the wrong hands – IT IS THEREFORE ADVISABLE TO DELETE SUCH FILES AS SOON AS ANY IMPORTS ARE COMPLETE!

    Using the NordPass Desktop Software

    With a NordPass account now setup and any existing passwords imported, now is the time to start looking at the password management service in action. This section of my review will do just this with a focus on making use of the Windows desktop software which was installed earlier on and accompanies the password management service.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app all items page

    As can be seen above, accessing the main list of logins available from within the desktop app is as simple as navigating to the “All Items” page and then locating the necessary account. Once the relevant account is found, we have the option to launch said website directly from a button found in the app as well as make use of the context-menu for each entry which (amongst other functions) allows the username and password to be easily copied.

    NB – If you have a lot of logins to manage (like I do) then NordPass do provide a search tool found towards the top left of the application for searching all password manager entries at once!

    With the core feature of storing logins and passwords put aside, another great feature found within NordPass is its ability to store other types of data including secure notes, payment and loyalty card details plus personal identity documents as well. As can be seen below, the “secure note” is one such data type which is supported and can be accessed via its own entry on the main application menu found inside of the desktop software.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app new secure note

    As is shown above, the secure notes data type allows for the storing of a text note (with a title) as well as the ability to create bespoke folders within said data type for organising these secure notes even further. We can also create other data types for storing information within NordPass in much the same way and, as is the case with logins, all other data types can also be searched form the main search box as and when required.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app search results

    It is important to point out here that we can, of course, also use the NordPass desktop application for entering new passwords directly into the password vault itself (i.e., manual entry). I will, however, be looking at the web browser extensions in the next section of this review, these will help provide a much better method for saving the vast majority of new passwords for many (especially so given that so many services now support some form of website-based login).

    NB – I will also be looking at some of the other aspects of the NordPass service including the Emergency Access functionality and the Password Generator tool later on as well. These functions are available within the desktop application as well as from other parts of the service as well!

    Moving on pass these core password management functions and we get to the app settings page, a page which not only allows for settings relating to the desktop application to be set but also, in some cases, the greater NordPass account itself.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app security settings page

    As can be seen above, the settings pages within the desktop app (accessible via the gear icon at the top of the left-side menu) contains numerous useful settings which we can adjust. This is really useful to have so many settings within the app itself and saves having log into the web interface to make important changes such as resetting the master password, turning on multifactor authentication or setting up recovery codes for the NordPass service itself.

    I looked at the importing and exporting of passwords earlier on in my review (something which can also be initiated via these same settings pages) but we can also configure other things such as the app theme, whether or not NordPass will start automatically with Windows, the language being used, the auto-lock settings (for automatically locking the app after a set time has passed) as well as setting the clipboard to automatically clear any data entered into it from NordPass after a selected time has elapsed.

    nordpass review 2023 - desktop app theme settings page

    And with that, the core password management functionality of the NordPass desktop application has been covered. I am going to look at a few other features also found within the app (including the password generator and the Data Breach Scanner) a little later on in this review, but next up is a look at the web browser extensions where we will also see the NordPass password generator tool in-use as well.

    NB – Remember, NordPass offer all new users a 30-day free trial of the premium service should you wish to try any of these features out for yourself!

    Using the NordPass Web Browser Extension

    So far, we have seen the NordPass desktop application installed on a Windows PC and then used to perform some core password management tasks. In this section I am going to look at some of the enhanced password management functionality which is provided via use of the NordPass browser extensions which are currently available for most commonly used browsers (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, EDGE, Opera and Safari).

    nordpass review 2023 - firefox add-on welcome page

    After installing the NordPass extension via the relevant browsers add-ons page (in my case the Firefox Add-ons store), one of the first tasks to complete is a pairing confirmation whereby the extension will confirm with NordPass that the extension is verified to access the current account. As can be seen below, this confirmation is as simple as checking the two codes match each other and then clicking on the button to confirm this.

    nordpass review 2023 - firefox add-on pairing authentication codes

    With the browser add-on now installed and connected to my NordPass account, I can start looking at some of the additional functionality this add-on brings to the service. As can be seen below, one of the most important (and useful) of these additional features is being able to automatically obtain usernames and passwords for accounts when filling in a website login form.

    nordpass review 2023 - web extension login dropdown box

    Recalling the username and password details (as is seen above) is as simple as clicking on the small NordPass (green) icon which will appear in any website login form boxes once the browser extension is installed and activated. In addition to simply recalling this information, we can also easily edit these details form within the extension as well as get a reading on the security of the password which is in use by clicking through to the editing page (via the “three dots” menu button) seen below.

    nordpass review 2023 - web extension password strength report

    NB – As can be seen above, NordPass will, for all logins added to the service, display an assessment of the password which is in-use and estimate its strength. Identifying any logins which might be in use with weaker passwords (via the use of this tool) is a great way to help boost your online security (and the password generator tool which will be seen later on is a great way of generating new and more secure passwords for such accounts).

    In addition to being able to recall login information as we have just seen, the NordPass extension also allows the automatic capture of any new logins which are made whilst the extension is running. This process will usually happen automatically when a new login is made (for an account not already saved within NordPass) and accepting the new login to be stored in the password vault is as simple as clicking on “Save” on the “Save login details” box which pops up (and can be seen below).

    nordpass review 2023 - web extension auto capture web login

    Another really useful tool provided by the browser extension is that of the automatic password generator tool, a tool which will automatically generate a secure and unique password for use with any new logins.

    nordpass review 2023 - web password generator in use

    As can be seen above, when signing up to a new service in a web browser, the web browser add-on allows us to easily access the password generator by simply clicking on the NordPass (green) icon which will be found in the new password entry box. Using this tool, we can simply take the suggested password which appears when first opening the tool or, alternatively, under the advanced settings section we can specify a custom length as well as other properties such as capital letters and special characters being used or not.

    NB – The new password generator (seen used via the NordPass extension just above) can also be used in the smartphone apps, the desktop software and the web browser password vault interface as well!

    NordPass Web Vault & Smartphone Apps

    In addition to both the desktop application and browser add-on already seen so far in this review, NordPass is also accessible via a very nicely designed web vault which provides access to many of the same features and tools as are also found in the app and browser extensions.

    nordpass review 2023 - web vault interface

    As can be seen above, the web vault (accessible via a login link found on the main NordPass website) looks and feels very much the same as the desktop application and provides much of the same functionality as well (including being able to change settings related to the NordPass account itself). Overall, a great addition to the service (although one I will only briefly mention in this review given that its functionality is very similar to the desktop application already covered earlier on).

    NB – When making use of the NordPass free account, only a single device can be logged into the service at a time. This means is you are on the free account and login to the NordPass web vault on another device, note that the secondary device will be automatically logged out!

    nordpass review 2023 - android autofill settings

    NordPass also have apps available for iOS and Android smartphones which make using the password vault on the go really easy. In the case of the Android app (which I have tested myself) it can be integrated into the android autofill service meaning app passwords can be both captured and filled in automatically providing the NordPass app is installed and the vault unlocked at the time of use.

    Other Useful Features of NordPass

    At this point we have seen the core features and functionalities of the NordPass password manager service in use alongside some of the main methods of accessing this service such as the web browser extension, the desktop application and smartphone apps. In this section I will be looking at some of the other tools and additions included within NordPass, starting off with a look at the strong set of emergency account access provisions which have been provided by NordPass for use on their premium accounts.

    nordpass review 2023 - emergency access settings

    As can be seen above, giving emergency access to another NordPass user is as simple as entering said users email address and then confirming that access is to be granted. The email address entered must be the same as said user is already using for their own NordPass account (and they must, of course have a NordPass account) and whilst a premium account is required to set up emergency access, any NordPass account holder (including those no free accounts) can be a recipient of these emergency access provisions.

    nordpass review 2023 - password sharing web context menu

    Moving on and another useful addition to NordPass is the secure password sharing functionality, a feature which allows the secure and encrypted sharing of passwords between two or more NordPass account holders. By making use of a specialist tool such as this password sharing tool which is built into NordPass, passwords are not having to be sent between people via unsecure methods (such as email or SMS message) and login details will remain secure and encrypted at all times (including when other parties are accessing them through their own NordPass account).

    nordpass review 2023 - web based password sharer tool

    Also available from NordPass (and not requiring a NordPass account) is the option to make use of a password sharing link via the Password Sharer Tool (which can be seen above). This is a special tool available (for free) via the official NordPass website and will allows a login and password to be sent to a nominated user via a special sharing link which will automatically expire after 24 hours.

    Security & Privacy

    Nord Security, the company behind NordPass plus other well-known security related software applications (including NordVPN) have clearly worked hard to ensure that NordPass is one of the most secure and reliable password managers available as of today. This work begins with the application of highly secure, zero-knowledge XChaCha20 256-bit encryption being applied to all data which is stored within the NordPass password manager vault itself.

    nordpass review 2023 - web app security settings section

    NB – By using XChaCha20 encryption, NordPass are taking a slightly different approach to most other mainstream password managers which will make use of the more commonly seen AES 256-bit encryption. For a more detailed explanation on the differences between XChaCha20 and AES 256-bit encryption, check out this detailed article on the NordPass knowledgebase itself.

    It is important to note that NordPass make use of zero-knowledge security when applying this XChaCha20 encryption to any data stored within the service. This means all data is encrypted upon a user’s devices before it is then synchronised with and stored upon the NordPass cloud for access on multiple other devices later on and will remain encrypted at all times until it is recalled by another authenticated device.

    Moving on from the impressive application of encryption and we see another core security feature available within NordPass, this is the option for applying multifactor authentication to help provide an additional layer of highly secure protection to the NordPass service account itself.

    nordpass review 2023 - multifactor authentication settings page

    As can be seen above, when initially configuring multifactor authentication for NordPass, we have the option to make use of a multifactor authentication app (such as Google Authenticator or Authy) as well as any FIDO certified hardware-based key (including the well-known YubiKey amongst other similar options). Whilst having both of these options available is great, it is also great to see that during the multifactor authentication setup process, NordPass themselves also issue a one-time passcode via email which must be entered before these set-up pages can be altered – a very secure yet also versatile multifactor authentication configuration overall.

    Moving on from multifactor authentication and we see another really useful security related tool available within NordPass, this is the secure password generator which has been seen earlier on in this review for generating a new, unique and secure password as a part of any new account registration service.

    nordpass review 2023 - security password generator in use

    As can be seen above, this password generator tool helps to enhance security for the entire account by ensuring that strong and unique passwords can easily be generated and used when setting a password for a new or already existing login stored within NordPass. Backing this up is use of the built-in Password Health tool which (on premium accounts) will check for and highlight any weak, re-used or otherwise unsuitable passwords within the vault and provide a simple to follow report allowing the user to replace such passwords.

    nordpass review 2023 - password health checking tool

    Finally, one other (yet still very important) security tool bundled within NordPass (for Premium accounts) is the Data Breach Scanner tool.

    nordpass review 2023 - data breach warning tool

    The Data Breach Scanner is available on NordPass Premium accounts and will automatically check the web for any data breaches which might have included any logins stored within said users NordPass vault. Running the report is as simple as clicking on the Data Breach Scanner entry on the main NordPass menu (either online or in the apps, as can be seen above) and the resulting report will then highlight any breaches or other areas which might be of concern with any logins.

    NordPass Support

    NordPass have available a very useful help and support portal which can be found via their official website and features product documentation, getting started guides, troubleshooting documentation, billing info, plus various other informational guides on the NordPass service itself.

    nordpass review 2023 - web support portal

    Should you still need to get in touch with a support representative from NordPass, you can also submit support tickets directly online via this same portal as well as make use of the live chat support tool which is also found on the NordPass website.

    NordPass Pricing

    NordPass is available both as a limited free account offering as well as on a premium plan form just $1.79 / month on the 2-Year pricing plan. The full set of pricing options for NordPass are as follows:

    • NordPass Free – Free
    • NordPass Premium (1 Year) – $2.39 / month ($28.68 paid annually)
    • NordPass Premium (2 Year) – $1.79 / month ($1.79 paid annually)
    • NordPass Family (up to 6 persons / 1 Year) – $3.69 / month ($44.28 paid annually)
    • NordPass Family (up to 6 persons / 2 / year) – $2.79 / month ($66.96 paid annually)

    All premium NordPass accounts also come with a 30-day money back guarantee and also available is a 30-day free trial account which provides full access to the service and will automatically revert to a NordPass Free account if not upgraded within these 30-days.

    NordPass FAQs

    No, NordPass is a premium password manager service which does have a limited free plan also available. This free plan, despite not having the full functionality of the premium plan, is still very useful and usable and includes automatic device synchronisation, the ability to store unlimited passwords plus use of the NordPass apps and browser add-ons for making use of advanced functionality such as auto form filling and login capture.

    Yes, NordPass features a very easy to use password import system which supports many of the other leading password manger export formats without any further configuration required. The NordPass password import tool also features the ability to import passwords directly into the password manager service via custom CSV files as well if this is required.

    The core password manager functionality, including saving an unlimited number of passwords, use of the NordPass apps and browser extensions, use of features such as auto password capture and auto-login plus the ability to automatically synchronise between multiple devices is the same on both the NordPass Free and Premium accounts. The NordPass Premium account does, however, bring several additional features including 3GB of secure cloud storage, secure password sharing, emergency account access provisions plus the ability to keep up to 6x personal devices logged into the service simultaneously (only a single device can be logged in at any one time on the NordPass free plan).

    Unlike many other password managers which make use of AES 256-bit encryption for keeping data safe, NordPass makes use of zero-knowledge XChaCha20 256-bit encryption across the entire password manager service. XChaCha20 encryption has several benefits over AES 256-bit including being approximately 3x faster in operational use, being more straightforward to implement and requiring less hardware support in order to operate efficiently, thus making it a great choice for a password manager service such as NordPass.

    Yes, both the free and Premium NordPass accounts feature automatic device synchronisation via the NordPass cloud, this means passwords added or edited on any connected device will automatically be synchronised to all other personal devices added to the account. Whilst automatic synchronisation is available on both the Free and Premium NordPass plans, only the Premium plan allows keeping up to six devices logged-in at any given time (only a single device is permitted to remain logged in at any one time on the Free plan).

    The NordPass password manager service is a part of the Nord Security group, the same company behind the well-known and highly successful NordVPN software.

    Yes, in my own opinion, NordPass offers a highly secure password manager service. NordPass makes use of zero-knowledge XChaCha20 256-bit encryption to ensure that all logins added to the service are kept encrypted whilst not in use in addition to also implementing security enhancing features including multifactor authentication, emergency access provisions plus a built-in verification system which will ask for emailed codes to be entered when accessing security sensitive areas of the account.

    Yes, thanks to the range of NordPass browser extensions which are available across many popular web browsers, NordPass will attempt to automatically capture and store any new account logins and registrations as they happen with minimal input required form the account user. NordPass also facilitates the auto filling of account login forms via the web browser extensions via use of the built-in auto-login feature as well.

    NordPass Alternatives

    In this section of my review, I will be looking at some good alternatives to the NordPass password manager service. This includes similar services which focus on providing a great set of password management features, use of web browser add-ons, smartphone and desktop apps plus a highly usable free account just like NordPass themselves provide.

    Remember, any ratings and opinions given below reflect my own personal views and should be treated only as a guide! When purchasing any form of password management software, always be sure to carefully check the details of the offering out for yourself first and try and to make use of any free trials, whenever possible, to help ensure the solution is right before committing to a purchase.

    1) Bitwarden

    Bitwarden is a very highly rated password manager application, one which includes many great password management tools and features across both a very highly featured free account as well as a very reasonably priced premium offering which starts at just $10 per year.

    nordpass review 2023 - bitwarden alternative

    Featuring the ability to store unlimited passwords across an unlimited number of personal devices (on both the free and premium plans), apps for Windows, macOS and Linux plus various web browser extensions, Bitwarden is a highly usable password manager which is very easy to use and access. Add on support for many great features including a secure password generator, the ability to auto fill login forms and auto capture new passwords, automatic device synchronisation plus the ability to make use of 1GB of secure cloud storage (on premium plans) and Bitwarden is without doubt one of the best password managers available as of today.

    Security wise and Bitwarden makes a great start here by being a fully open-source service. Other security features including zero-knowledge AES 256-bit encryption of all data stored upon the service, advanced multifactor authentication support (with support for FIDO hardware devices), secure password sharing plus emergency account access provisions help to make this a highly secure offering overall.

    Bitwarden is available as a (very) highly functional free account with a premium offering also available from just $10 per year. Also available from Bitwarden are family plans supporting use by up to 6 individuals form just $40 per year as well as business account options starting at just $3 per user, per month. More details on Bitwarden pricing as well as the Bitwarden free account can be found via the official Bitwarden website.

    2) pCloud Pass

    pCloud Pass is the highly functional password manager offering form the same company behind the highly rated cloud storage service, pCloud.

    nordpass review 2023 - pcloud pass alternative

    Featuring support for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices via a great set of apps, plus web browser extensions which are available for all major web browsers on both the free and premium plans, pCloud Pass is a very usable service which is very easy to access. Many great password manager related features are also included such as automatic login capture and auto-login functionality, multiple device support with automatic cloud synchronisation, excellent support for importing logins form other password manager services, secure note and payment card storage plus an advanced password manager tool for easily generating strong and unique passwords.

    Security wise and pCloud Pass makes use of secure AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption to ensure all password and login data stored upon the service is kept safe and secure. Other security features backing this up include support for multifactor authentication, auto-locking apps, the ability to easily reset an account (delete all items) plus secure account recovery tools also help add to the security side of this offering.

    pCloud Pass is available on a free plan (with support for unlimited passwords on a single device) as well as on a premium plan with support for unlimited devices form just $35.88 per year (with family plans starting at $59.88 per year for up to 5 individuals also available). More information on pCloud Pass and the various pricing options can be found via the official pCloud Pass website.

    3) LastPass

    LastPass is well known as a leading password manager service with a great set of features which make it very secure, reliable and very easy to use across Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices alike.

    nordpass review 2023 - lastpass alternative

    LastPass, like NordPass, offer a highly functional free account with the ability to store an unlimited number of passwords (on a single device) alongside a fully featured premium account offering support for unlimited passwords and unlimited devices which can be automatically synchronised via the LastPass cloud. Other useful features of this service include auto login capture and auto-login support, secure password sharing tools, 1GB of secure cloud storage (on premium accounts), a secure password generator tool plus the ability to store secure notes, ID documents and payment card details alongside regular username and password combination logins.

    Security wise and LastPass make use of strong AES 256-bit zero-knowledge encryption across the entire password management service to ensure that all data remains stored in an encrypted and secure state at all times whilst at rest. Other security related features include support for multifactor authentication (including biometric, SMS, via authenticator app and YubiKeys), in-depth password scoring / checking tools, emergency account access provisions plus use of the automatic LastPass dark web monitoring service for advanced warnings of any compromised logins.

    LastPass is available as a free-to-use service (with support for storing unlimited passwords on a single device) alongside a premium account which supports keeping unlimited personal devices synchronised upon the service. Also available are family plans supporting up to 6 individual users alongside various other business and teams-based offerings. More information on all accounts as well as the 30-day LastPass Premium free trial can be found via the official LastPass website.

    NordPass Review Summary

    NordPass really stands out as a solid, reliable and, thanks to strong zero-knowledge XChaCha20 encryption being implemented by default, secure password manager offering. It is a service which provides a great set of features across both the free and premium editions which including the ability to store unlimited passwords and synchronise multiple personal devices on any NordPass pricing plans (including the free offering).

    Whilst the NordPass Free plan is very usable and contains a great set of features for the more casual user, the ability to keep multiple devices logged-in to the service at once plus use of advanced tools including secure link sharing, secure cloud storage and the breach monitoring tools will appeal to more advanced or professional PC users. This includes the ability to set up emergency access to the account with trusted persons as well as the use of advanced features which can help to identify weak, old and reused passwords in the premium edition making for the most secure password management setups possible.

    Overall, I believe that NordPass is a solid offering. I like that the free plan offers a lot of functionality and, for many (despite the single device being logged in at any one-time limitation) will make a highly functional free password manager – great work NordPass!

    Looking for a Password Manager?

    Are you looking for help and advice on choosing the best password manager? If so, then be sure to check out our guide to the Top 10 Password Managers which includes our top 10 list of password managers alongside other useful information to look for!

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