Ashampoo Uninstaller 10 Review

Ashampoo Uninstaller 10 Review

Features - 93%
Usability - 96%
Security - 91%
Support - 91%
Pricing - 90%


Very Good

Uninstaller 10 is the latest PC cleaning utility from Ashampoo, a tool specially designed to help remove all traces of software as it is uninstalled from your PC alongside providing many other useful PC maintenance utilities.

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Ashampoo Uninstaller 10

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    Uninstaller 10 is the latest PC cleaning utility from Ashampoo, a tool specially designed to help remove all traces of software as it is uninstalled from your PC. Alongside this core functionality, Uninstaller 10 also provides many other useful PC maintenance utilities thus making it a very powerful PC cleaning tool in its own right!

    When uninstalling any software from your PC there are often traces of the old application left behind, this is often In the depths of the operating system itself including the registry and the user profile folder which might contain left over settings files, log files etc. Relying on the software’s own uninstaller often only removes the basics and these traces can be left behind and, over time, accumulate and potentially start causing issues with an otherwise healthy PC!

    Ashampoo Uninstaller 10 goes over and above the standard software uninstallers and thanks to the intelligent built-in cleaning tools will monitor software as it is installed, it will then eliminate all traces when the time comes to remove it. Even if you need to remove software which was installed before Uninstaller 10 was active on your PC then this powerful software with its new and improved “Deep Clean Technology” will still help eliminate any such software quickly and easily!

    I have been a big fan of the Ashampoo Uninstaller line for a few years now, naturally I am looking forwards to testing this new version out, let’s go!

    Key Features

    • (New) Deep Clean Technology (v2) for even better results
    • (New) Visualize the impact any new software might have before installing
    • (New) Unlock and delete any locked files
    • (New) Even more thorough uninstaller tool
    • (New) New database of hard-to-remove software fixes
    • In-depth cleaning of previous uninstalls (before Uninstaller 10)
    • Snapshot tool for monitoring system changes
    • Registry cleaner and optimizer
    • Undeleter tool (for recovering deleted files)
    • Windows start-up tuning tool
    • Secure file and disk wiping tools
    • Great value suite of tools for a one-off license fee!

    Uninstaller 10 Usability

    In this section of the review I will be looking at Uninstaller 10 in more detail, I will start of looking at the installation process then move on to the core features involved with uninstalling software and cleaning up of the PC afterwards. Finally, I will look at some of the other supporting features which make up Ashampoo Uninstaller 10 including managing browser plugins, unlocking files and making system snapshots.

    What’s New in Uninstaller 10

    Before getting into using the software itself I want to point out some of the new features found in Uninstaller 10.

    First and foremost is the new version of the “Deep Clean v2” technology employed by Uninstaller 10. As time moves on so does Windows and the software which is built to run upon it, as such it is important that cleaning tools also keep up with these changes and continue to provide the best and deepest cleaning possible.

    The “Impact” tool and the “File Unlocker” are also both new to Uninstaller 10 and help in making this software even more useful than ever before. The Impact tool makes makes visualizing the performance impact certain applications have on you system easy and the file unlocking tool helps in removing files which are, for whatever reason, locked and cant otherwise be removed.

    There is also a newly updated database of removal solutions for otherwise hard to remove software meaning Uninstaller 10 is ready for virtually anything you can throw at it! But we will look at all of these tools along with everything else it has to offer in a little more depth in the main review below.

    Installing Uninstaller 10

    Installing Uninstaller 10 begins by navigating over to the Ashampoo website where a 30 day free trial version of the software can be downloaded. At just over 17MB this was a very quick download and I had the installer up and running on my PC after just a few seconds.

    uninstaller 10 installer running

    During the install we are asked just a couple of questions including where we would like the application installing (default location should be fine) and also which colour scheme we might like to use, a nice additional little touch for those who like alter such things!

    uninstaller 10 colour scheme

    The whole installation, as with all Ashampoo software, was quick and easy and once the software is launched for the first time we need to enter our license code or, if necessary, make use of the free trial (which is 10 days by default and automatically extended to 30 days when registering for a free Ashampoo account).

    With registration completed we get taken to the main dashboard of the application, this gives us a quick overview of our PCs current status including how many applications we have installed, how many plug-ins, how many Windows apps and if the automatic monitoring tool is enabled or not.

    ashampoo uninstaller 10 initial dashboard view

    Before moving on I just wanted to point out (as can be seen above) the automatic monitoring feature is turned off by default. This is actually one of the most useful features of Uninstaller 10 as it will automatically recognize when new software is being installed and automatically monitor and log the installation, this then helps Uninstaller 10 provide full removal and deep cleaning if or when the software is ever removed.

    uninstaller 10 automatic monitoring turned on

    Installing Applications with Uninstaller 10

    One of the main features of Uninstaller 10 is its ability to monitor the installation of any software which is installed on to the PC and, in-turn, make a log of what has changed in doing so. When the time comes to remove such software, Uninstaller 10 can then re-visit this log to ensure all modification and files made by the software are removed (something many standard uninstallers simply don’t do).

    There are two ways of starting to monitor an installation using Uninstaller 10, these are by making use of the automatic installation monitor (which I turned on in the last section) or by manually dragging and dropping an application installer file to the install area found in the Windows system tray on the bottom right of the screen (as can be seen below).

    uninstaller 10 drag and drop interface

    For the purposes of testing I am going to install some more Ashampoo software onto my PC (Ashampoo Backup 2021) and allow Uninstaller 10 to monitor the installation. After seeing Uninstaller 10 monitor the installation we can then see the removal process in action and how the software makes sure all traces of the old application are taken care of and removed.

    uninstaller 10 new install being monitored

    As can be seen above, once the installer is running we will also see the Uninstaller 10 software present at the top of the screen throughout this process, this tells us the installation is being monitored and we can continue as normal.

    Once the new piece of software has been installed we need to tell Uninstaller so by clicking on the prominent yellow “Installation Complete” button, this can be seen below:

    uninstaller 10 monitored install complete

    Finally, once we have confirmed our new software has finished installing we will see a confirmation message appear from the Windows system tray in the bottom right of the screen, this should (hopefully) confirm everything was logged by the uninstaller.

    uninstaller 10 new installation logged

    With the installation complete we can now check that our new software is installed (along with all other software on the PC) using the “Applications” tab within the Uninstaller 10 application. You will notice in the image below we also see a blue “log file” mentioned aside this newly installed application, this tells us that the software was installed under the watch of Uninstaller 10 and as such its installer has being monitored for all changes it might have made to our system.

    uninstaller 10 new app in applications screen

    Before moving on to the uninstall, I just want to point out some useful details of the Applications tab, starting off with the “Logged” tab which will show all applications logged by Uninstaller 10 and the (very useful) Huge tab which shows applications taking up a lot of disk space on the PC:

    uninstaller 10 huge apps screen

    We also have some other options whereby we can see any applications which have had updates installed, applications which have received a negative rating by the Ashampoo community (if any) and those which have been uninstalled using the Uninstaller 10 application itself.

    Uninstalling with Uninstaller 10

    In this section I will look at how we can use Ashampoo Uninstaller 10 to remove the software we installed in the previous section, I will also address some of the advanced cleaning features we see whilst using such an application.

    To start with we must find the application we wish to uninstall on the Applications tab, check the box needed to select it and then press “uninstall”. Alternately, the software makes recently installed software easy to find by placing the last four installed applications on the dashboard, as can be seen below, in this case we can simply click the “uninstall” button below backup Pro 2021 to begin uninstalling it.

    uninstaller 10 - remove app via dashboard

    Once the process starts we will immediately be asked if we want to make a Windows restore point and also if we want to make use of the advanced cleaning capabilities of Uninstaller 10, either or both of these can be selected as is shown below.

    uninstaller 10 - uninstaller initial options

    At this point the software’s original uninstaller will pop-up and perform the uninstall itself whilst being monitored by Uninstaller 10, as when we were installing we need to click the yellow button once it has finished to tell Uninstaller 10 that we are ready for the advanced cleaning to being (this must start after the original uninstaller has finished).

    uninstaller 10 - uninstall in progress

    As can be seen above, the advanced cleaning routines will begin automatically after the original installer finishes. It is here where we Uninstaller 10 really makes the difference by deleting any additional files, logs, registry entries etc. which might have been missed by the original uninstaller, a summary of the deep cleaning is displayed after the uninstall operation is complete.

    uninstaller 10 - uninstall summary

    Other Useful Features

    Now we have seen installing and uninstalling in action we can have a look at some of the other features and tools that help make up Ashampoo Uninstaller 10, a good place to start is by navigating to the Tools section on the main left-side menu.

    Starting off within this tools menu we can see we have, among many other utility tools, a system cleaning tool, a registry optimizer, an internet (browser) cleaning tool, a start-up optimizer and a secure file wiping tool.

    uninstaller 10 drive cleaning tool

    If you have used WinOptimizer recently you will notice many of these tools are very similar to those included in with that piece of software as well (they are both made by Ashampoo after all). This means that if you are stuck choosing between the two, Uninstaller 10 might be the better choice for many, especially if you only want the mainstream cleaning tools and don’t require the full suite found within WinOptimizer 19!

    Moving further down this list of available tools we can also see we have a file wiper tool as well as the newly added Unlocker tool. The File wiper tool allows specified files to be completely and securely destroyed by overwriting the underlying file within Windows so that they cant ever be recovered.

    uninstaller 10 unlocker tool

    The Unlocker tool (as can be seen above) allows certain files to be unlocked and, if necessary, deleted from the PC which might otherwise be stuck. Whilst this might not seem like a useful tool initially, you do sometimes encounter permanently locked files, especially when an install or uninstall hasn’t worked as it should have and the files are left in a locked state without the help of such a tool.

    System Snapshots

    Another really useful tool built into Uninstaller 10 is the system snapshots tool, a tool which can prove very useful when diagnosing problems with a PC after installing or removing software or performing other tasks such as registry cleaning.

    uninstaller 10 snapshot tool

    As can be seen in the screenshot above, this tool allows us to take snapshots of our PC which provide a record of program files, user data files and registry entries at the time of the snapshot being made. After the snapshot has been taken and the PC used (for example by installing new software) we can then re-take another snapshot, compare it with the prior snapshot and see any changes which might have been made to our system.

    uninstaller 10 comparing snapshots

    As can be seen above, comparing any two snapshots is as simple as right clicking on one snapshot and then using the context menu to select another snapshot to compare it with. Whilst comparing the two snapshots it becomes very easy to see any files which might have been added to the system, changed, removed and also any registry values which have been added or altered as well.

    System Impact Tool

    Another useful tool which is new to Uninstaller version 10 is the Impact tool, a tool which makes understanding the performance impact various software has on you system quick and easy.

    uninstaller 10 impact tool

    As can be seen above, the Impact tool shows all software which might have an impact on your PC in a list, next to each entry is a summary of the impact the software is currently having on the PC including the amount of RAM being used, the CPU usage and, when applicable, any effects it might have on the PCs boot up speed.

    To get more information about any of the software mentioned in this list can be done by double-clicking on said entry, this will in turn open a new box showing additional information on the underlying processes making up that entry.

    Browser Plugins

    Perhaps one of the most under rated tools included in Uninstaller 10 is the browser plugins tool, I say this as Uninstaller 10 is one of the few pieces of software which makes seeing all installed browser plugins installed across all browsers on a PC in a single list possible.

    uninstaller 10 browser plugins tool

    Browser plugins can be a great help in certain circumstances and when provided from software manufacturers you trust. In other circumstances, however, they could potentially cause privacy and security issues and it is often recommended to remove any browser plug-ins from software manufacturers you no longer use or believe should not have installed a plugin on your PC in the first place.

    Thankfully, seeing all installed plugins at a glance is very easy thanks to the Browser Plug-ins tool and removing one or more plugins is as simple as selecting all those to be removed and then clicking on the “uninstall” button.

    Uninstaller 10 Security

    Some of the most useful privacy and security tools found in Uninstaller 10 include the secure file wiping tool, the internet (browser) cleaning tool and the browser plugin tool.

    The secure file wiping tool can help in destroying any sensitive files you might want removed form your system, often simply deleting such a file is not always enough and sensitive, private information could be recovered in such cases. To ensure full and secure removal of such files the File Wiper tool will overwrite the existing file with meaningless data before then deleting it making it impossible to recover.

    The drive cleaning tool will, among other things, allow personal and private browsing data to be removed form the PC. Combined with the Browser Plug-in tool which makes removing any unwanted browser plugins quick and easy, this combination will help make web browsing more privacy focused and secure with the help of Uninstaller 10 than without.

    Ashampoo Support

    Ashampoo have a great website and provide a comprehensive Q&A section which handles most problems you might encounter. Should you still need to get in touch with a support representative you can submit support tickets online.

    Uninstaller 10 Pricing

    Ashampoo Uninstaller 10 is priced at a one-off $39.99, a 30 day free trial is available by clicking here.

    Also, be sure to also check out Ashampoo’s deals page as they regularly have great deals across their entire range of software (including Uninstaller 10)!

    Uninstaller 10 Review Summary

    With Uninstaller 10, Ashampoo continue to build upon a solid uninstaller tool which makes keeping you PC clean and running at its best both simple and painless. The uninstaller focused utilities help ensure all traces of an application are removed when it is time to uninstall and in turn help free up disk space and reduce the potential for PC problems relating to left over files, registry keys etc.

    Something I really like about Uninstaller 10 myself is that it goes much further than simply being an uninstaller tool and also provides multiple other premium system maintenance tools (many of which are found in the excellent WinOptimizer 19). Such tools include the powerful Drive Cleaner, the Start-up Tuner, the Registry Optimizer and the Internet Cleaner among others.

    Whilst not quite having the full power of WinOptimizer 19, I think Ashampoo are including a very generous amount of the WinOptimizer 19 functionality within Uninstaller 10! With this in mind I would recommend that if you are unsure about which one of these two tools to go for and need only the mainstream cleaning tools then look at Uninstaller 10 as a “best of both worlds” alternative to WinOptimizer 19.

    Overall an excellent tool and one in which I wouldn’t use a Windows PC without! Great Work Ashampoo!

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